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Fashion of The World – A Photo Essay

Fashion is a personal billboard that you share with the world. Around the world it paints a picture of their life, their work, their religious belief and their status. Without expressing a word you can deem where a person lives, what they do for a living, where they fall on the monetary ladder, and often where they are comfortable in the social hierarchy. When you see these telltale signs up close and in their natural environment, it’s easy to discern the differences of cultures and nationalities and social position purely based on their attire. Where tight clothes are acceptable in western countries, in others Middle Eastern countries it’s a big taboo. When I traveled through Uzbekistan I was shocked to see that a unibrows, bushy eyebrows growing straight across the face, was highly desired with many woman painting a dark stripe across the bridge of their nose.

Have fun picking out the fashion, class and social differences in these photos from around the world.

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