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7 Nature Experiences Before You Die

Last week on “The Road Less Travelled” chat on Twitter we embraced NATURE! I have compiled a list of 7 amazing nature experiences you shouldn’t miss. Mother Nature has blessed us with so many spectacular natural wonders to marvel at, it would be a shame to miss them. Unfortunately it is impossible to see them all but this short list below will give you a great TASTE of what she has to offer.


Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Go big or go home. If you’re searching for a waterfall, Victoria Falls will blast you away with her 600 million cubic litres of thundering water crashing violently below every single minute. Embrace the power of nature in the sheer magnitude of these waterfalls from either Zambia or Zimbabwe. The wild baboons running down the main road and paths is an added bonus.



Snorkelling in the Indian Ocean’s bright turquoise waters off the sugar-white shores of your personal paradise island in The Maldives is not to be taken for granted. Brightly colored fish of all shapes and sizes fill the shallow reefs around the islands. Headed to one of the 1,200 Maldivian islands in a private speed boat, dolphins will greet and play with you and flying fish will glitter as they soar across the sparkling waters.


Take a dive into the clear depths of Lake Baikal in eastern Russia, the world’s deepest lake! You’ll marvel at the surrounding beauty and the skinny dipping locals’ ability to swim in the icy waters. Say hello to the roaming cows and don’t miss the delicious, freshly caught and smoked fish sold at the docks.



If you’re looking for a real desert experience, I don’t know what can beat riding a camel across mountains of soft orange sands in the Sahara Desert. The sheer vastness, 9,200,000 square kilometres of it, will make you feel tiny. Just when you think nature has wowed you to the max, you’ll stumble upon an oasis, a slice of green paradise amidst the golden sands.



Fly into the Amazon Rainforest and land on a grass or dirt runway. As soon as you come to a halt, prepare for all the adventures to begin! Swimming, fishing and eating piranhas. Chance upon a camouflaged anaconda in the reeds or chocolaty river, caiman basking in the sun, screeching macaw flying overhead and a jaguar lurking in the shadows.

African Safari:


It doesn’t really matter where, as long as you are in Africa breathing its fresh air, walking its red earth and riding in an open-air safari jeep shooting animals ONLY with your cameras of course. Meet the whole Lion King family as you come face to face with Simba, Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa.


Mt. Everet Nepal

Mother Nature’s greatest treasure is the stunning Mount Everest, guardian of the world. Trekking in the resounding beauty of the Nepalese Himalayas to Mount Everest Base Camp is an experience you will never forget. If you’re looking for a spiritual awakening, this may just be the spot.

If you could go anywhere tomorrow, where would you go to discover nature? What type of landscape interests you the most? What are your best nature recommendations? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Cheers to your travel memories

Savannah Grace

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  1. Great ideas Savannah! Nature is always a wonderful adventure, peaceful, beautiful, soul soothing and refreshing. And you never know exactly what you will see or experience or learn. Sorry I missed that Chat – sounds inspirational!

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