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Ultimate Rainforest Paradise in Refugio Lodge

From the moment we were greeted at the airport by Rainforest Expedition staff I knew we were in good hands. It wasn’t until setting eyes on the lodge hidden deep in the rainforest that I realized we were about to spend five days in paradise.

Refugio Amazonas Peru

Upon arrival at the lodge, we were asked to take our shoes off and leave them on the provided racks. This small gesture instantly made me feel at home in the giant treehouse, we were now one big family. Throwing off the shoes was another step closer to nature and who doesn’t love being able to slide across beautiful red wooden floors in socks. The few guests who were there when we came in looked like they’d long since settled in this hidden luxury getaway and had no intentions of leaving.

Tambopata National Reserve Peru - Savannah Grace Tambopata National Reserve, Peru

We were given a welcome drink and refreshing towel to cool ourselves after the fifteen minute walk through the pitch blackness. The manager, Jesse, gave us his extremely friendly welcome and introduction to the lodge letting us know meal times, where to find charging stations, electricity hours etc. He explained the lodge’s itinerary and rules while highly encouraging us to enjoy ourselves and feel completely at home.

Refugio Amazonas, Peru Refugio Amazonas, Peru  Refugio Amazonas, Peru

I knew everything would be sorted, but not to this extent. They served three buffet style meals a day, the breakfast time depended on which morning activity you would take, lunch was at 1pm, dinner at 7pm and activities were crammed in between and after meals. Coffee, tea, drinks, fruit and snacks were available at all times. Absolutely everything, except for alcoholic beverages at the bar, was included!

Refugio Amazonas, Peru Refugio Amazonas, Peru

They had a little shop and even a masseuse available on the second level which I would’ve loved to do, but the tight itinerary left us almost zero free time.

One thing that stood out the most in Jesse’s orientation speech was, “Please, please don’t wander off in the jungle alone.” Wow. The serious reality of that simple request was so intense and I hoped no one was stupid enough to actually disobey that rule. With many paths leading into their depths, the mere thought of wandering off alone was terrifying. Once again Mother Nature’s sometimes ruthless power shined through. Two steps off a path like that and you are lost forever.

Refugio Amazonas, Peru Tambopata National Reserve

The lodge had no walls and was so open in the jungle, I just hoped the jaguars, anacondas and other large predators kept to themselves, because we would have a hard time hiding in a lodge with no walls. Even the bathroom walls (which luckily they had) were made with bamboo stocks, sometimes so far spaced that a jaguar claw or anaconda could get through.

Refugio Amazonas, Peru

After the introductory speech, everyone went off with their assigned guides who would be in charge of their groups for the entire stay. Our guide, Jair, was instantly friendly, always sporting a cheery smile on his chubby face. He showed us to our room down the raised wooden walkway through the trees.

Refugio Amazonas, Peru

We were upgraded to the better of the two room types. I don’t think there’s too much of a difference between rooms, except ours had a desk and WiFi. I was lucky if I could connect anything more than FB chat in our room or the common area. Fortunately that was enough to contact Mom and ask her to do searches and posts for me from her side. It’s amazing that WiFi worked, but luckily not very well because a jungle tour is about getting back with nature and disconnecting from the outside world.

 Tambopata National Reserve  Tambopata National Reserve

Every room is incredibly designed with three bamboo walls, the fourth left entirely open to the rainforest. Kees said it’s the nicest place he’s ever been and I was all too willing to agree. There is absolutely no question that it is the most luxurious remote place I‘ve been. I was blown away that all the way out there they had flushing toilets, hot water, internet and electricity, oh and comfortable beds. I’ve been to major cities that didn’t have half of those!

Refugio Amazonas, Peru

The bedroom was spacious, sporting two big beds with netting that little fairies would put up in the morning and take down at night when they came in to clean twice a day.

 Refugio Amazonas, Peru Refugio Amazonas, Peru

Swinging in the hammock next to the open wall I marvelled in the deafening sounds of nature’s cacophony. The jungle is so fantastically loud I began doubting if I would sleep the first night. Once again I was amazed by my ability to adapt, just like in a chaotic city in India, by the end you don’t even hear it.

  Refugio Amazonas, Peru Refugio Amazonas, Peru

I could’ve spent the entire 5 days just within the lodge’s beautiful setting watching the wildlife but Jair had a different plan in mind.


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