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10 Year Travel Anniversary

TODAY is our 10 year anniversary of a life changing event. Mom, Ammon, Bree and I took off on an adventure that lasted four years and took us through 80 countries as a family, changing all of our lives forever. It’s incredible to look back and see how […]

A Day With Anne Frank

    Last year I read Anne Frank’s Diary, for the first time, thanks to Jess who lent me the copy she’s had since high school.   It took me longer than I expected to finally make it to Amsterdam to see THE authentic Secret Annexe where Anne […]

From Tourist to Tour Guide

We left Alkmaar around 9:00 am right as a nationwide power outage hit. “That’s strange” I thought as Kees yelled from the shower, “why did the light just go out!?” When Mom came over, ready to be the chauffeur for the day, we quickly learned that her house […]

My First Ever Book Club

You may find it a bit ironic that as an author of two books, I have never been part of or attended a SINGLE book club. I don’t know why, but for some reason the opportunity never presented itself until my dear friend Jessica, who is also a […]

Travel Days and Flying

If you don’t know this about me, I am terrified of flying. It’s stupid. Ridiculous, I know. And it wasn’t always that way or I probably never would’ve set foot on that tiny, surely unreliable Twin Otter to fly over the Himalayas to Lukla from Kathmandu.

Explore the Elements

I was honoured to be nominated by fellow author and traveller, Brenda (@BrendaLeeFree) for Thomas Cook’s Explore the Elements photo competition. Each contestant is required to choose four photos that represent the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air It was so hard to narrow my thousands of […]

Ghent Photo Essay

Gravensteen Castle. But to me, it is a walk through “Game of Thrones” or “Outlander” imagining myself in an earlier age so far removed from my own.   Because this city put me in awe, I have decided to talk less and show more. Below is a photo […]

A Traveler’s Day In

Three years ago Hotel Carlton Gent was bought and redesigned by three brothers. The oldest brother, Steven, had this dream of running a hotel and in a very sibling way managed to get the other two brothers on board. It was great getting the chance to talk to […]