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Free eBook today and tomorrow

No, You guys. Seriously!! I’m not kidding around. “I Grew My Boobs in China” eBook is totally and completely FREE on Amazon!!!  All you have to do is CLICK that book cover over there —>>>> on the side bar which will take you directly to Amazon then press […]

A Day in Whistler

Now settled back in the flatlands of Holland, it’s hard to believe that only a few weeks ago I was breathing the crisp mountain air in Canada.     Within the last couple of years I have skied in French (Mont Blanc) and Swiss (Leukerbad) Alps. Both were so […]

Resolution time

Now, looking forward, who is making a New Year’s Resolution? Do you normally make one? Did you succeed in last year’s goals? Or do you prefer to just go with the flow and not limit yourself by setting certain expectations?This year I don’t want to pressure myself too much and […]

Record Breaking New Years Eve

    Last night’s New Year’s Eve was probably the best one yet, a great sign for a promising year ahead. We all piled into the car and drove an hour south to the beach town of Scheveningen where they built a massive castle of a bonfire for a yearly competition. They have […]

What a year 2014 Recap

 Wow, it’s hard to believe that 2015 has snuck up on us so quickly. I bet we ALL can remember the hype of 2000 and the excitement that came with it, as if it was yesterday. I spent that special New Years with immediate and extended family in Whistler, […]

Tis the Season

I wanted to wish you all an early MERRY CHRISTMAS. I know everyone must be running around getting those last minute presents, dinner party ingredients and arrangements, cleaning the house and getting in a jolly cheery mood. Others may be biting their lips, trying to figure out the […]


KLM Business Class

After a more than perfect book tour, Manager Mom and I returned home yesterday with KLM airlines from Vancouver, Canada to Amsterdam, Netherlands. We were busy until the final hour, rushing around to get everything ticked off our to-do list, including a book signing at Black Bond Books […]

Sisterly Love

Sisterly LOVE!!!! Sometimes she drives me crazy and we fight, but overall, I’d say I have a pretty dang AWESOME, loving sister. I just had my two bottom impacted wisdom teeth removed and you know what she did? No, she didn’t hold my hand, she wrapped me up […]

Christmas in Seattle

After arriving safely in Seattle and setting up our next booth, Mom and I pulled up to the entrance of The Four Season’s Seattle. Since the moment the valet hopped in our car and we were escorted into the lobby and greeted with a warm “Welcome Miss Grace” […]

Coming Book Tour

I’m really having a hard time believe that in ONE week at this time, I will be flying over the Atlantic Ocean and this GORGEOUS mountain range again!!   Photo: View out the window on last year’s flight from Amsterdam to Vancouver. Stunning.Crossing my fingers for equally as great […]


Yesterday was release day! Wow. I received so many “happy release day” comments, and it has been better than any birthday or Christmas with all the posts, shares, tweets, interviews, guest posts, and reviews going live all over the web. All of this excitement has made it easy to […]

TODAY!!!! It’s LIVE.

TODAY!!!! It’s LIVE. “Backpacks and Bra Straps” is now available to purchase and READ!!! You can READ it today. Wahhoieiii. Right now!!!! PHOTO: Sun rising over Mt. Everest in Nepal. A true triumph!! Thank you so much to everyone who has participated, helped out and joined the ride. […]

One More Day

1-DAY until release!!! Wowza. Photo: 1 obelisk standing tall and proud in Luxor, Egypt Yesterday I went out to Amsterdam for pre-release fun with fellow writer gals. Went to a gorgeously tiny pancake house in the city, rode bicycles, went to a brewery situated at the foot of […]