Savannah Grace

Record Breaking New Years Eve

    Last night’s New Year’s Eve was probably the best one yet, a great sign for a promising year ahead. We all piled into the car and drove an hour south to the beach town of Scheveningen where they built a massive castle of a bonfire for a yearly competition. They have a competition with their neighbouring village Duindorp who, this year broke the World Record for biggest bonfire with 30,000 pallets, 4,000 cubic metres. WOW!
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Inspired by some alcohol, I thought it was a brilliant idea to join the few half-naked Polar Bear Plungers in the ocean last night at 2am. After begging my comrades to join me, I was caught in a promise when one of Kees’ friends started stripping down! Following suite, I got out of my 5 layers of clothes in 0 C and chased after my fellow Plunger’s naked butt down the sandy shores. Screaming and laughing, I fell face first with my mouth wide open and enjoyed my first tasty, salty meal of the New Year.
The spontaneity  of this act left me half-naked and wet on a breezy winter beach with only a shirt to dry myself. Thank gosh for a World Record bonfire .
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