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Sisterly Love

Sisterly LOVE!!!! Sometimes she drives me crazy and we fight, but overall, I’d say I have a pretty dang AWESOME, loving sister. I just had my two bottom impacted wisdom teeth removed and you know what she did? No, she didn’t hold my hand, she wrapped me up in a blanket, unlaced my boots, pulled off my socks and MASSAGED my feet and calves during the entire procedure (except for the time she was filming and taking pictures). I was able to block out the drilling, cracking and tugging by concentrating on how good the massage felt.
Despite the nerves and misery, it was actually a very cool experience because Bree’s BFF Stephanie from “Backpacks and Bra Straps” was the dental assistant sucking the blood and passing tools. I never would have guessed way back in the day that she would be right there when I got my wisdoms taken out.
          1466019_716035571798431_7714159881532865850_n[1]     10624745_716035568465098_1001721227827848547_n[1]
     1511878_716035541798434_8555399129505858227_o[1]      10407897_716035575131764_7832384825334347247_n[1]

Still puffy in the cheeks, I am off to the last and final fair of the book tour in Burnaby. If you want to drop in and give me flowers and a “get well” card I’d be happy to see you 🙂 It’s the Gifts Galore Show at the Shriner’s Centre

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  1. Yikes get well soon! Buckaroo Bob was laughing at the pictures of your dental day but did a little shutter when he saw the one of the blood and poor you! We are thinking of you ~ hope you have a speedy recovery! hugs nice wife Judy & Buckaroo Mule Skinner Bob!

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