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Tickets Bought!!!!

Savannah Grace, Tickets bought

We’ve BOOKED! Every year Kees and I go on an adventure for our birthdays which we share in the same week of June.
Savannah Grace, Namibia Savannah Grace,
In 2008 we were in Namibia,                    2009 and 2010 home (Canada & Holland)
Savannah Grace, Paris France Savannah Grace, Suriname
2011 we drove down to Paris,            2012 we ventured into the jungles of Suriname,
Savannah Grace, Mauritius Savannah Grace, Cape Verdi
2013 we had a fake honeymoon on the tropical African island of Mauritius, 2014 we explored Cape Verde (my 100th country).
Thanks to the immense patience and help of our wonderful travel agent, Yvonne, the manager at Zonvaart Reizen, Kees and I have finally chosen a destination and bought our flights to…. You didn’t think I’d make it that easy did you?
Savannah Grace, Amsterdam NetherlandsFirst I have to give a chance for prizes. Oh, yay! Prizes. This year we are taking 1.5 months to explore two countries, and whoever can guess the country(ies) will receive a free copy of one of the Sihpromatum books. If we have multiple winners, the first winner will get a signed copy of their choice of “I Grew My Boobs in China”Backpacks and Bra Straps” OR if you’re already a super fan and have read both books, I will sign and send you a copy of “Rusty Tracks and Booby Traps” as soon as it is released in 2016. The runner ups will get an ebook version of Sihpromatum 1, 2 or 3 (upon release).
Sri Lanka
Will it be Asia?
Brussels Belgium
Australia Darwin
Australia (Oceania) perhaps? (photo courtesy of Ammon, since I have not yet been to that continent.)
Canada BC
What about North America
or South America….
Could it be…. Antarctica….!? (Unfortunately, nobody close to me has visited either, so I can not steal one of their photos!)
Will it be jungle? Mountains? Tropical beaches? Desert? Or a little of everything? 5-star or backpacking? WINNERS will be announced on June 10th, the day before we fly!!! Each contestant can only guess ONCE per clue which will be given randomly until someone is able to guess. The first clue is, Kees chose this destination. You have a 2 in 197 chance to WIN! Now start guessing. Savannah P.S. OBVIOUSLY, if you are one of the few who I have already told, please don’t spoil it for others. THANKS! (I know that is a bit obvious, but for some reason I’m cursed with people like…not going to say names, MOM! who love to spoil things like the ending of a movie with a twist.)
P.s. Make sure you check for updates on my facebook page where I will be posting clues. Make your guesses on the comments below or on the facebook page.

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