Savannah Grace

Halfway Mark in Peru

We are HALFWAY through our amazing 6 week trip in South America. Wow. I feel like time flies and yet we have done so much in that seemingly short time.

sunset Peru

We’ve hiked to the world wonder Machu Picchu,

hiking to Machu Picchu. - Savannah Grace

shared the jungle with exotic wildlife at the amazing jungle lodge, Rainforest Expeditions Lodges,

Amazon rive,r Peru Amazon River Gater, Peru

watched the sea lions and all their friends on the poor man’s Galapagos Islands,

Poor mans Galapagos Island, Peru

stayed in Ica’s Villa Jazmin and gone in the most exciting sand buggy of my life,

Sand Buggy Ride Peru Sand Buggy Peru. Savannah Grace

flown sideways over the ancient Nazca Lines in a tiny airplane,

Nazca Lines. Peru

stayed in amazing hotels like Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel and Sacred Dreams Lodge, flown more times than I’d like to,

Peru, Nazca Lines. Savannah Grace Savannah Grace Peru

walked the creepy catacombs of Lima,

creepy catacombs of Lima, Peru

seen ocean views, mountains views,

ocean views Peru Mountain view Peru

desert views, sunsets and sunrises.

desert sunset. Peru.  Savannah Grace jungle sunrise. Peru

Peru is so diverse and has so much to offer. It’s definitely one of my favourite countries so far out of 101 and I highly recommend it.

I can’t think of a better travel companion or best friend to share these amazing memories with.

Jungle Sunrise.  Peru   Savannah Grace

Here’s to the next 3 weeks of adventures and photo sharing. I can’t wait to announce our next destination!

I have so many amazing photos and stories to share, but have been too busy enjoying my trip, that there’s hardly any time left for writing. Will post as soon as I can!


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