Savannah Grace

Easter Adventures

A typical day adventure at this household will often involve mud, motorized vehicles and accidents! I suppose others’ Easters would have been spent quite differently… “Shall we take the quads out?” “Sure let’s do that.” A few minutes later there were five boys in my yard loading up two quads, two dirt bikes and even the duct taped together moped and a miniature I-don’t-even-know-what-to-call-it bike.

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I tried to be strong and tell them, “I’m passing on today’s adventure. I REALLY need to get this book finished.” As I was walking into the parent’s house our new Canadian/Russia/Italian friend Alice, said, “It’s a real shame you’re not coming. I think you should come.” Far too easily guilt-tripped, I threw on my shoes, grabbed a coat and jumped in the car. I seriously must learn to say, “No”.

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Alice and I claimed the big monster first. She took control as I hung on tight over the bumps and hills and through the mud puddles! A bit intimidated by all the machines we brought, she kept saying, “Oh man, I’m going to die today!” Jinxing herself she took us over a cliff and crashed into a fence! Luckily, cliffs in Holland are only a metre high.

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The guys helped us out of our crash site and amazingly Kees let us ride again.

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A guy in the mud pit with us tried to be even crazier than we were and nearly sinked his quad. Alice and I still won the crazy award of the day. The moral of this story, factoring in Mom’s broken shoulder from her quad accident is….. just don’t put girls on quads! When will you men learn?

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 Our fun Easter adventures ended with a stunning double rainbow, a fiery sunset and six very muddy people.


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