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Today we celebrate our 3 year anniversary on “The Road Less Travelled” (#TRLT) Twitter chat! I can not believe that three years ago Shane Dallas and I founded this amazing chat and have not missed a single week in all that time! I don’t think either of us ever […]

The West Jet Disaster

I knew our flight from Amsterdam to Vancouver was too perfect and thus our inevitably DOOMED return trip to Holland…. Normally I only fly direct to and from Vancouver and Amsterdam, so perhaps that was my first mistake. Our flight from Vancouver to Calgary was delayed forcing us […]

Easter Adventures

A typical day adventure at this household will often involve mud, motorized vehicles and accidents! I suppose others’ Easters would have been spent quite differently… “Shall we take the quads out?” “Sure let’s do that.” A few minutes later there were five boys in my yard loading up […]

Superhero for a Day

Hover like a SUPERHERO! We returned to Holland after 6 weeks of adventures in South America, but the fun hasn’t ended! With summer still going strong the excitement hasn’t stopped. In just the first week home we’ve enjoyed the Pride Parade in Amsterdam, a drumming festival in Ruigoord, […]

Country #110 and #111 are……

PERU and BOLIVIA!!!!! This time it wasn’t NEARLY as difficult as it was when you had to guess Cape Verde, as my 100th country. The WINNERS of the signed paperbacks were Margriet Smit from Holland who guessed Peru first and Holly from U.K. who guessed BOTH Peru and […]

A Day With Anne Frank

    Last year I read Anne Frank’s Diary, for the first time, thanks to Jess who lent me the copy she’s had since high school.   It took me longer than I expected to finally make it to Amsterdam to see THE authentic Secret Annexe where Anne […]

My First Ever Book Club

You may find it a bit ironic that as an author of two books, I have never been part of or attended a SINGLE book club. I don’t know why, but for some reason the opportunity never presented itself until my dear friend Jessica, who is also a […]

A Day Trip to Haarlem

I really enjoyed a day in Haarlem last week with Mom and fellow writer Jessica. I’ve been to Haarlem numerous times, but never as a tourist. I was happy to tag along with Jessica and her friends to explore a bit more of this historical, beautiful city. Our […]