Savannah Grace


Sometimes we travel to famous places because we feel there is a guarantee of an exceptional travel experience. Some of us search for the “best of”s in history, nature, architecture, romance and I know that I personally can’t resist these famous places too. It’s hard to say no to a place with such a global reputation when we see them on postcards, in travel magazines, on the news, in movies or on TV. An almost surreal movie-like reputation surrounding them creates a passion within us that draws us to them. We want to be able to jump into Jordan’s Petra and be part of Indiana Jones’ wild and historic adventures or dance through the dreamy streets of Paris on a romantic honeymoon. 

Below I have made a collection of famous places I have been to that you should include on your “must visit before I die” list. If money were unlimited where is the first famous place you’d be jumping into!?

Can you name all of the famous places in the photo essay below?

If you can, list them in the comments below and you will win a copy of each of my travel memoir ebooks from the Sihpromatum series, Volume 1 “I Grew My Boobs in China” and Volume 2 “Backpacks and Bra Straps”!!

Last week we discussed FAMOUS PLACES on our live Twitter chat “The Road Less Travelled”, today we’re chatting “HOT PLACES” starting from 1pmNYC/6pmUK. Search the hashtag #TRLT to find us and don’t forget to include the hashtag #TRLT in your tweets to participate with fellow travellers! You can find me each and every week hosting with my fellow travellers Shane Dallas (public speaker, visited 100+ countries), Jessica Lipowski (accomplished author and “foodie”) and Anton Magnin (specialist in family travel). 

Stay tuned for next week’s article “Top 7 HOT Travel Destinations for HEAT Lovers” and for our Twitter chat on “COLD PLACES”.

Until next week

Savannah Grace

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  1. I am happy to say I have been to a few of the places you show on your post today: The Sagrada Familia (in BCN), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Rome, Pisa, Copenhagen, Venice… and I think I recognize Upper Joffrey Lake ( a great hike I have done twice and hope to do again). There are many place I haven’t gone yet… and I plan to continuing traveling every year . This year we will go Amsterdam. Where would I go right now if I could ? On an Alaska cruise ..or back to Italy to see more of Tuscany. Traveling is a bug . You got it and I have it also. So much fun to share it her on WordPress. Take care, Savannah


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