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Superhero for a Day

Hover like a SUPERHERO! We returned to Holland after 6 weeks of adventures in South America, but the fun hasn’t ended! With summer still going strong the excitement hasn’t stopped. In just the first week home we’ve enjoyed the Pride Parade in Amsterdam, a drumming festival in Ruigoord, wake-boarding and boating in Amsterdam, my cousin stopped to visit us for a few days after a month backpacking Europe and for her grand finale we decided to go FLYBOARDING!!!

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I have been so mega busy since getting back, but I promise to post the rest of our trip in South America as soon as I can. I’m just about to head down to Belgium for a surprise birthday party, then I PROMISE I will get back to writing. In the meantime, Kees at Sticky Visuals has put together this short clip on our flyboarding experience. I highly recommend it, it’s not too physically demanding just requires balance, it’s a bizarre sensation to fly out of the water, something you must try at least once.

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