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Hyatt Tweet Meet

The moment we decided to visit Vancouver on holiday, I knew I had to arrange a #TRLT in-person tweet meet. Most of you have probably heard about Twitter Travel Chat #TRLT (The Road Less Travelled) that I founded over two years ago. We have members from all over the world join us each and every Tuesday to chat about different travel related topics. One of our more popular member cities is Vancouver, so I knew I would want to organize our first-ever in-person meet up there. The Hyatt Regency Hotel was gracious enough to host this event. 

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On Monday night Kees and I were spoiled with a luxurious room on the 32nd floor with a stunning city view and balcony. I wish I’d had more time to really relax and enjoy such a lovely room. When I found out I would be staying at the Hyatt, Mom surprised me by telling me she and Dad spent their honeymoon there 37 years ago!!! 


Christine, my contact at the hotel who did an amazing job of helping organize the tweet meet was absolutely wonderful the entire time. I was greeted by Christine and the general manager in the morning as they wished me a successful tweet meet. 

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The event took place in the Lord Byron room on the fourth floor with a lovely view of the city, including a balcony. There were drinks and snacks for us to enjoy as we all got to know each other better. I have previously met some of the members, all at different book signing events so it was great to see some again and others for the first time. 


 Our topic was “Urban Travel” and, as always, it was a successful chat with great stories and photos shared by travellers around the world. Following the actual chat, Christine took us up to the 34th floor where we began our sneak peak descent down the “Hyatt Nature Hike”. It’s a very interesting and unique concept. The hotel has had a local artist come in and design the ENTIRE stairwell to resemble a mountain hike. The lower floors are painted very earthy with roots and animals and as you continue to climb the scenery changes until you are way up high in the sky with snow on the ground. Halfway down we met one of the artists as she was busy doing some final touches to one of the beautiful paintings. It was a real treat to speak with her and give her our compliments on the artwork.

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The Hyatt even set up water stations for us with towels as we did the hike. The Hyatt Nature Hike is not yet available to the public, but when it is, you should definitely take a look. It’s like a gym crossed with an art gallery, definitely a fun and unique way to get some exercise.

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I want to give another big thank you to Christine and the Hyatt Regency Hotel for inviting us to their lovely location for this very special tweet meet. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back and enjoy the lovely accommodation they have to offer in the heart of downtown Vancouver!


PS. In the near future I plan to share weekly interviews to highlight a new #TRLT member each Tuesday before the chat. Stay tuned!

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  1. Savannah, thanks for organizing the event, and for asking us all to join live and in-person. I had a lot of fun, and it was great to meet you all! 😊

    • Was great to meet you too Henry!!! Thank you so much for making the time to join us. I really appreciate that and hope we can do it again in the near future 🙂

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