Savannah Grace

Burundi Photo Essay

We entered Burundi via an overland border after crossing Tanzania, East to West from Dar Es Salaam. What a journey! Burundi was surprisingly green and mountainous and we loved staying on the lake beach. It was the first and only country where I’ve ever seen bicycles transporting large loads of produce down the mountain roads then half a dozen of them hitching a ride back up the mountain by hanging onto the back of the many trucks using the windy roads. We even had a few latch onto our big yellow truck. “We’ve got cling-ons!”

We loved window shopping and buying all of the extremely cheap and delicious bananas, avocados, passionfruit, beans etc from local farmers.

Thinking back on Burundi makes me miss Africa. It’s been too long!


Passing through small towns is always interesting

Passing through small towns is always interesting


It’s always amazing to see what a bike can carry. – Bujumbura


Bujumbura is the largest city and the main port of Burundi. It’s also the capital city


Men hard at work carrying heavy loads with their bikes up the mountains.


Window shopping is great perfect avocados 10 for $1.oo


Passing by the small villages is always friendly


Beautiful Burundi and all the terracing and green fertile land


A couple little cuties by the side of the road.


Bricks drying in the sun.


This is a tiny church house.


We always love the palm trees.


Fishing boats on Lake Tanganyika which the second largest freshwater lake in the world by volume and depth.  It’s also the longest in the world!


Children of Burundi


The worlds children love football no matter which country you visit.


Sure hope those rock hold that roof on!  Lake Tanganyika


Our campfire on the beach of Lake Tanganyika in Buyumbura


Camping on the beach and looking at photos. What a life 🙂  – Buyumbura


Biker hitching a ride up the mountain. Smart thinking.


Window shopping is the only way to go.  Everything is so fresh and sweet.


My favorite new fruit. Passion fruit is the best.


Another bridge to cross in this wild adventure I call life.

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is CAMBODIA

Savannah Grace

View more photos of Burundi here.

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