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Still Time For Winter Sports! CANADA Here We Come!

I’m returning to my beloved Canada, with my parents, Kees, Kees’ sister Anita, and I will hit the ground on February 3rd. We will be celebrating our second wedding reception, and I can’t wait to hug all of my loved ones. Our first wedding we did solo, November 10th, just the two of us, in the most romantic place on earth, Saint Lucia. I still have loads of catching up with the actual wedding and honeymoon in the Caribbean and promise to have that up as soon as my wedding photos arrive.

Aside from celebrating our recent nuptial with friends and family in Canada, we will have the opportunity to show off our spectacular hometown to Anita. It is her first visit to North America, so we have a lot of things to tick off our list; City exploring including the “Fly Over Canada” experience, city-view dinner from either of these amazing revolving restaurants, Harbour Centre’s Top of Vancouver or Cloud 9. We will also visit Shannon Falls and Brandywine Falls on the drive up to Whistler on the Sea-to-Sky Highway. If you’re hoping to head to Vancouver in the future, you can read my Top 9 Things To Do with Two Weeks in Vancouver to get more first class ideas.


Kees will arrive on Valentine’s Day and stay for two weeks with us while the rest of us will be in Canada for an entire 5 weeks!


To make up forcing Kees to marry me, not once, but twice, I am determined to get him up on the local mountains, Cypress, Grouse and Seymour and hopefully even Whistler/Blackcomb again. Apparently the snow has been magnificent this year and February is a prime season to get on the mountains. The nearest of the mountains is a quick 15-minute drive from my grandma’s backyard. Night skiing on any of the pristine local mountains, with views of the sparkling city below, is a unique and unforgettable experience. 


Just be sure to get ski holiday insurance before you do any winter sports. You won’t regret it. I say this because (and not to persuade you from hitting the slopes) my poor uncle Stuart spent 6 weeks in a cast, hobbling around after an accident on his skis at Whistler. It was the very last run of the day when he hit a thick fog on his way down the mountain. He hit a pole, smashing his leg, breaking both the tibia and fibula. It’s always better to be safe with insurance than sorry!

While Kees is off having a ball in the powder, I am excited to take Anita, a true Dutch flatlander, into the high peaks of the Canadian mountains and show her one-of-a-kind views of a lifetime.


Go enjoy the slopes in whatever mountainous area you are headed to, I know we will. 


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