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Greece Photo Essay

Shortly after Mom and I split from our RTW family backpacking trip the first time, Bree and Ammon headed into Greece to vist Thessaloniki on there way to Turkey. They shared wonderful photos and had many great memories shared with locals they met via couch surfing that had me instantly regret leaving so soon.

I was thrilled to finally visit Greece with Kees a few years later. We stayed a week on the Greek Island of Samos where we rented a scooter and island buggy and explored the small island (43 km long and 13 km wide). We soaked up the sunbeams, devoured delicious Greek olives, feta cheese and enjoyed the beautiful views. We enjoyed the relaxed island life of Samos so much but I would LOVE to go back and explore mainland Greece and dive into the historic sites.

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is GUATEMALA.

View more photos of Geece  here.

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Savannah Grace

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