This year’s Halloween definitely marked a new experience for me, thanks to Bree and her creative genius. The other day, in preparation for Halloween, Bree decided we were going to dress up as the “hotdog hotdog! Get your hotdog” people you see at football games but instead we would be “book, book! Get your books”. Somehow this idea morphed into us going about malls dressed as the statue of liberty, or at least that’s the closest conclusion I can come to when it comes to our costumes. Bree ended up spending three days making these glamorous boxes.


Standing outside in the parking lot she strapped me into this glittery three day creation of hers and I was so dreadfully embarrassed that I kept insisting, “Please Bree! No, no, you can’t. Take it off, please! I’ll die of shame!!!” Hahaha, meanwhile of course, she was doubling over with laughter as I continued to giggle and beg with my glittery box and hat. Luckily, Bree forced me to keep walking and before we even got into the mall, Bree approached two older ladies with “Happy Halloween!! Do you ladies like to read”. From there it was perfect! They were absolutely lovely people who set an amazing energy for the rest of the day. They were so happy to meet us and kept saying, “You have inspired me”. I don’t think anything feels more rewarding. When we got into the mall we were absolutely bombarded with miniature Marios, batmen, spidermen, princesses, pumpkins, pirates, bumblebees, a whole army of magical creatures holding out hands, “Trick or Treat!” In that moment I was so grateful that I had suggested buying candy at the last minute in the Dollar Store.

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We lasted for over an hour handing out candy and book cards before we were kindly asked by security to leave. OH man!!! When Bree was approached she said, “wow, cool costume, where did you get that!!” and he quickly informed her, “No, I’m the security here, I have to ask you to leave.” It surprised me that the reason we got kicked out was for handing out candy, not for selling books! The security guard was actually very friendly and even felt ashamed, apologizing that, “It’s my job”. Before we left he was very curious about the book and asked to have a card himself! But then quickly reminded us, “I’m getting in trouble the longer you stay.” Hahaa, well, we managed to sell a few books, make some people’s day and had a new experience!


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