The book signing at Black Bond Books on Saturday went so well!! We had such a fabulous day meeting friendly people, fans we’d never met and others who brought their copies of book #1 and #2 to get them signed. There is no better way to make an author feel flattered!  I’ve been amazed by how many copies of #2 have been selling and how many people buy the set right off the bat!
Two of our crazy fans ended up staying for the entire book signing. Tina had actually arrived at 12:00 on the dot! I couldn’t help but laugh and smile when she took it upon herself to start promoting my book to strangers in the mall (again, not the one we got kicked out of) and chasing people down the halls to tell them our story and show them the book. I think I might have to take her along to Circle Craft and put her fearlessness to good use! Two years ago when I first released my book, I never would have believed I would attract people who were so passionate about my work. I feel honoured beyond belief.
After the signing, our new friends helping us load all of our books and posters etc into the bookmobile, we went directly to dinner with Melanee, our #1 fan who works at Black Bond Books and is a key champion in our success. We insisted she keep her Halloween decor up because she always has the best Halloween scene! We were instantly spoiled with her famous rocket candy collection, a delicious raw tuna topping on crackers, tomato juice with olive (blood with eyeball) an entire salmon cooked perfectly on the BBQ and a homemade blackberry cheesecake!
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Yesterday we went with Grandma to church and it was so wonderful to see all those welcoming, familiar faces!!! The instantly after the  meeting was over I had 3 books handed over the benches and put on my lap to be signed, haha. There was a lot of love and warm feelings in that building. I was so extremely happy to see that John V. was there this week, since he doesn’t always attend in that location. For those who didn’t read my recent post, John Volken, founder of “United Furniture Warehouse”, was personally honoured a humanitarian award by the Dalai Lama last month. He certainly deserved it and is so humble and modest about it that when I congratulated him, he just wanted to know more about me! He has been part of my family since long before I was born and has always been such a caring, loving man. In true John V. fashion, he smiled and insisted yet again, “I’m so proud of her! You know, I discovered her first!”  Ever since he read a short story I’d written at the age of ten he was confident that my future lay in writing and would always introduce me, “This is Savannah. You know, she’s gong to be a famous writer when she grows up”. Gosh! His latest plan for me is to write famous people’s autobiographies, and heck, he’s been right so far so I told him he had to save his story for me to write. It was absolutely wonderful catching up on all those years of missed hugs from him!
If you’d like to read more about his award, please read this link.
From there we went to Ammon and Sasha’s (his beautiful girlfriend) house then went to see where Ammon works. It was ten times cooler than I was expecting!!! 360 degree view up in the tower, watching small planes land while Ammon talks to them in code language over the radio. I could not be more proud of my big brother!!  He may just be one of the luckiest people I’ve ever known. But he has proven that the harder you work the luckier you get.
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From there we went to my uncles’ house (one of Mom’s five brothers) and had a delicious dinner and played Catan and cards.
This is pretty much how jam packed every day is and I love it!!!!!!!
Our next event is in Victoria at the

37th Annual Creative Craft Fair, November 7-9, 2014 (twitter @PearkesFa)

then we will be at the Circle Craft at Vancouver’s Convention Centre from November 11th-16th! (twitter @circlecraft)
A hugely busy time coming up, so if you’re in the area….come bring me a coffee!!!

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  1. We loved being in your blog and being able to follow you on your book tour,have a GREAT time in Victoria.

  2. I’m so excited that you get to be involved, you are amazing Melanee! Can’t wait for the next fairs!!!!! It’s the best feeling in the world when you get to meet all those wonderful people.

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