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Kuwait Photo Essay

I have not been to Kuwait but both my brothers have. Skylar was there several times as it was a staging point and convoyed around a lot while he was serving in the US Marine Corps while on tour in Iraq.  Ammon was in the middle of his 7 year backpacking trip when he visited. They were both there around the same time actually, and in very different circumstances. They didn’t get to see each other though.
Ammon says: “I am not really sure what to say about Kuwait. I was only there for 3 days, couchsurfing with a Kenyan guy (at least half the population is foreign workers). It was the first rich gulf country that I visited and I was blown away by the level of development, wealth on display and obvious pro-American sentiment (which makes sense after the first Gulf war). It wasn’t cheap and I never felt unsafe during my visit.”
Skylar says: “Kuwait was the first country I had been to in the Middle East, and the first Islamic one at that. So it was quite different from what I was used to seeing as far as clothing and residential buildings. I remember lots of dust and light brown sand and all the buildings were the same colour of brown too. From what I saw, it certainly didn’t scream wealth, it seemed rather run down. But I can only speak of the countryside and outskirts of Kuwait City. It’s a really small country with a small population. Kuwait was my first time technically in a danger zone. That’s when we loaded up ammunition and headed into Iraq. We didn’t get to hang out with locals or anything, but  I remember thinking, it’s coming, it’s really happening soon. Then we proceeded to have rockets fired at us on the first day entering Iraq. Those were hectic times.”
These are photos of Ammons trip below enjoy.
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