Savannah Grace

Curiosity – The Spark of Travel

Curiosity is a funny thing. It’s probably the number one reason that has caused the obsession of travel for centuries. Without that pulling desire, that comes much stronger in some than others, we never would have come to learn that the world was in fact round and that the ocean didn’t just fall off the edge of the world in a giant cascading waterfall into an abyss of nothingness. 

Without the motivation of power, safety or riches, still explorers set their sails, saddled their horses and fastened their seat belts to embark on life-threatening voyages simply to satisfy their need to know. Was their really something out there? Could they push their limits and survive? Was there something out their in the far beyond that no one else had ever seen before? Were their suspicions correct? Could they prove everyone else wrong?

Some people are genetically installed with more of this bizarre urge called curiosity than others and those are the ones who risked their lives, lived to the max and didn’t ever let fear hold them back. In many cases throughout history curiosity did kill the cat but the long term benefits have been extraordinary. From vast and vital trading routes like the Silk Road to discovering North America and even modern technology and internet connecting the world today can be credited to the wild history of curiosity that runs in the veins of the human race.


In this day and age, curiosity is probably the number one reason that people quite their jobs, sell their homes, strap on a backpack and jump on an airplane. In less dramatic examples, it’s the same reason people choose to travel to Egypt to see the pyramids instead of an easy camping trip nearby, or a relaxing all-inclusive. We’re so desperate to see, hear, smell, taste and experience the NEW that in many cases we’ll put ourselves through a lot of discomfort to satisfy that curiosity. 

I want to give a big shoutout to our historic and modern explorers who continue to inspire us to push the limits, never settle and always reach for the stars. 

Where are you most curious to discover? Which destinations, stories or photos are you the most curious about and anxious to discover? We want to hear your stories and know what inspires YOUR travels. Last week on #TRLT Twitter chat we discussed CURIOSITY with fellow travellers from around the world. Next week we’re chatting ROAD TRIPS!

Cheers to your everlasting desire to discover the new and remarkable.

Savannah Grace

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