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PENTAHOTELS and an Announcement

I have an exciting new announcement to make at the end of this article but before I do, I want to give a special shout out thank you to Pentahotels for making my birthday extra special two weeks ago.

As you all know, The Road Less Travelled (#TRLT) Twitter Chat has been my baby for the past two years. 140 weeks to be exact! I recently hosted my favourite topic, NATURE, from the Pentahotel in Liege during a one-day, five-country road trip . I always feel so fortunate to have these travel opportunities. Pentahotel Liege treated me and my ladies to a delicious birthday dinner. The steaks are “prime beef” certified by US Department of Agriculture (that’s only about 10% of the US beef production, and even less is exported to Europe) so it was no wonder we were all drooling. Mom even declared it was the most tender steak she’d ever eaten. Ever. And that mother of mine has had her fair share of rare slabs of juicy steak in her lifetime.

Pentahotels champaigne Pentahotels birthday cake Pentahotels steak dinner

I was spoiled with gifts, personally given by the GM Laurent, champagne, and the wonderful lady who showed us a room, surprised me with a birthday cake and even sang for me. Now that’s a way to make a guest feel like they’re #1.

I’d actually previously never heard of the hotel chain, located in cities around the world, but am so glad I have now. I can honestly say I was impressed and instantly felt comfortable in the cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Every inch of the fun and detailed decor was made with love and an artistic eye. Normally I struggle to take pictures of the interior of a hotel, but this brand makes it easy! The vibe is funky and laid-back. They even have foosball/pinball machines IN the rooms!! I’ve been to many, many hotels, but never seen anything like that. Just another reason why Pentahotel stands out from the crowd.

I will be the first to look out for a Pentahotel when planning my next trip. I’m hoping (if time and funds permit) to attend #TBEX in Sweden next week and do a road trip which will include four new countries for me. Here’s hoping I get to experience more of this PENTA-stic hotel.

Now, for my announcement! Many of you don’t have/use Twitter so aren’t able to join us each week for our #TRLT chat but you should. The stories and photos shared by the community are absolutely amazing and not to mention inspiring so I simply must share them with you. I would love to introduce you to our members so every Tuesday from now on I will interview a #TRLT Tuesday Traveller!!! You will be awed and wowed by their stories and photography! If you want to join us for the actual chat, it’s every Tuesday at 7pm and I always post the questions on my #TRLT tab. If you want to get more involved with this amazing community of travellers, please feel free to join us on our private Facebook group with 800+ other travellers. Next week we’re chatting HOT PLACES.

See you there!


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