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We passed through Congo in just a few days. Despite a short visit, Congo made a lasting impression. A country full of barbed-wire, armed guards and police in the streets, patrols, dirt roads, river crossings, smiling children running next to our trucks, vast landscapes, bug bites and my first ever fire ant burn. OUCH! I feel so blessed to have experienced such a rural country with 11 amazing people from seven different countries. The Congo/DRC border crossing was hands down the most violent and heartbreaking any of us have ever witnessed. The helplessness we felt there, as we watched women with their children, cripples and blind men get whipped and attacked, was overwhelming. The expression on Kees’ face in the last photo shows the intense emotions of rage, disgust and helplessness we felt there.



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  1. What an experience it must have been, Savannah! I was born in Zambia, grew up in Southern Africa. Beautiful pictures!


    • From what we saw, there was absolutely no reason. The guards were running around chasing and whipping people. Women holding babies, children, men….it was horrible. Most shocking thing I’ve ever seen. I’ll never forget a woman being pushed from the curb and dropping her child on the pavement. Or the young man being attacked by two guards who literally ripped his yellow T-shirt from his body before throwing him into the street. Absolutely dreadful. Oh, and the cripples… People were carrying cripples on their backs and getting whipped as they ran down the street. And rows of blind people walking, hand to should, hand to shoulder, were shown no mercy either. I’ll never forget it.

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