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Happy Hatchday Echo

I want to say a belated happy birthday to our precious owl, Echo, who shares the same hatch/birthday as me.

Echo the barn owl. 6weeks Echo the barn owl. 6 weeks

Echo the barn owl. 6 months with Savannah Echo the barn owl. Birthday photo

She turned ONE on June 14th!

Echo the barn owl. Echo the barn owl.

Mom has done an amazing job with her, slowly training her to fly to her for love without the tethers.

For Echo’s birthday present Mom put up a fly line (not even sure what the heck you’d call it) that stretches from Echo’s hutch to Mom’s window.

Echo the barn owl. Echo the barn owl.

It took a few failed test flights before she managed to fly to and from Mom’s living room window the very first day. At first she flew step by step up the ladder against the wall then onto anything she could grab on the brick wall. The video below shows her VERY first direct flight to the window. I can’t believe I was able to catch it on camera.

Echo the barn owl. Echo the barn owl.

We’re hoping that one day in the future we will be able to let her fly completely free, no strings attached just like our little parrot Marley.

Marley our sun parrot Marley the sun parrot

You can’t miss the video below!!

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