Savannah Grace

Guess Who’s Coming to Holland

Baagii our guide, translator and most importantly friend from our Mongolian adventures in “I Grew My Boobs in China” is arriving in Holland tomorrow!!!

                  Baagii and the Bimba and the other driver      DSCN0825 (2)

We received a FB message from Baaggii on Tuesday night saying,
“How r u Maggie. i guess what I’m going there soon i mean maybe in 3 days. Yeah. lm gonna buy a ticket tomorrow so I tell you exactly time and day
I’m thinking of 16th round noon.”
Hhaha What?! That was very out of the blue. Sudden flash backs go through my mind of him telling us, “Yeah, I have a friend who has a vehicle and can speak English. He will take you into the Gobi Desert.”

On Wednesday he sent us this.

Now THAT is how I like to see things done. Truly the Mongolian way that we remember. Spontaneous and crazy!!


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