Today I did something quite amazing. I booked a trip. To my 100th country!!!! AAAaaahhh!!!! 

Whoever can guess WHERE I will be celebrating my 100th country will receive a complimentary copy of the new book “Backpacks and Bra Straps” or “I Grew My Boobs in China”. Your choice of ebook or paperback. The only clue I will give you, is that it’s NOT one of these countries –>http://sihpromatum.com/photos/ 

It is going to be a wonderful 15 day holiday and great way to celebrate not only Kees and my birthdays but the completion of my second book. Yes ladies and gents, the 14 year old girl you all know so well, is turning 24! Still so much left to discover and hopefully many more books to come.


Savannah on Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal


Savannah on a road trip in Slovenia

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    • Nope not Australia, but you’re right I’ve never been there!! I think I’ll take more time to discover Australia and New Zealand if I’m over there. It’s such a far journey, have to make it worthwhile and really see it 🙂

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