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Resolution time

Now, looking forward, who is making a New Year’s Resolution? Do you normally make one? Did you succeed in last year’s goals? Or do you prefer to just go with the flow and not limit yourself by setting certain expectations?This year I don’t want to pressure myself too much and […]

TODAY!!!! It’s LIVE.

TODAY!!!! It’s LIVE. “Backpacks and Bra Straps” is now available to purchase and READ!!! You can READ it today. Wahhoieiii. Right now!!!! PHOTO: Sun rising over Mt. Everest in Nepal. A true triumph!! Thank you so much to everyone who has participated, helped out and joined the ride. […]


Today I did something quite amazing. I booked a trip. To my 100th country!!!! AAAaaahhh!!!! Whoever can guess WHERE I will be celebrating my 100th country will receive a complimentary copy of the new book “Backpacks and Bra Straps” or “I Grew My Boobs in China”. Your choice of ebook […]