We are a RTW-traveling family from Vancouver, Canada:

With a collective country count of 155 out of 193 countries, and still counting. 🙂

In 2005 we started our 4-year backpacking journey with Mom, Ammon, Breanna and Savannah aka “The Original Four”. During our travels my dad and brother, Skylar, joined in on the adventures. Collectively we have visited 140+ countries.

In 2005 we started our 4-year backpacking journey with Mom, Ammon, Breanna and Savannah aka “The Original Four”. During our travels my dad and brother, Skylar, joined in on the adventures. Collectively we have visited 150+ countries.

RTW Savannah Grace in Jamaica

26 year old travelling to every country in the world (111 so far) to become the youngest female to visit them all. Founder #TRLT, bestselling travel AUTHOR.

RTW Maggie the Mom in Holland

Maggie-the-Mom and mediator, instigated the hare-brained idea of traveling the world “for a year”. She is following her dreams and currently living in Holland.

RTW Ammon Watkins in Bulgaria

Ammon, (rhymes with salmon) my brother 11 years my senior, was the coordinator, budget police, (thus making the trip last four years instead of one), navigator behind the whole operation and actually made it happen. Best known as the leader, always ready with map and compass in hand. After seven years of travelling, he returned home and is now an ATC with Nav Canada and living in Prince, George BC. He continues to travel as often as possible and has been to 137 countries.

RTW Breanna Watkins in Tanzania

Breanna, my sister, three years my senior is one big basket of random entertainment. She has always been my best friend and worst enemy. Bree continues to enjoy life, travel and live in the moment. She is currently a very successful stunt-women in the film industry in Vancouver, BC.

RTW Brandon Watkins in Egypt

Brandon, the dad, is the one who unintentionally got the ball rolling. He joined the trip a year and a half in but better late than never.

RTW Skylar Watkins in Iraq

Skylar, my brother, nine years my senior, joined us for five months in West Africa after completing five years of service in the U.S. Marine Corps.

RTW Kees Book in Jamacia

Kees (pronounced case, as in nut case) and I met in 2008 in Ghana while both circumnavigating Africa. We’re an adventurous couple who have travelled through 40+ countries together. Kees is an adventure traveller of 85+ countries, including backpacking, luxury travel and overland to India from Holland and circumnavigating Africa, both in his own self-built MAN truck. Semi professional film maker + editor and image wizard.

That in a nut shell is my Family.


  • Met them at Mario’s place on Gozo and then “stole” them from him and took them with me to Gokhan and Seyda on Malta. What an amazing family! I was fascinated immediately – I had never met a family like them that traveled the world for such a long time. Never even heard of one. Apart from their great stories and outgoing and friendly personalities, it was a pleasure to sit back and observe the way they communicate among themselves, which is probably the real wonder or secret of their amazing journey. So if they contact you: don’t worry about hosting the 5 or 6 of them at the same time, if need be, they all fit into a closet or a small room. You’ll be rewarded by getting to know a group of travelers like no other…one that I certainly will not forget and which I’ll probably talk on and on about to other people. Simply amazing. Good luck in Africa and if you change your mind and come back to Europe – you’re always welcome in Germany! – Veit Kuehne (founder of Hospitality Club) http://www.hospitalityclub.org
  • We met via Couch Surfing, and I hosted five of them for several wonderful days! I love this family, and I hope to meet them again anywhere in this world–or the next. I would trust any member of Watkins Travel with my life, my home, my car, my money–you name it. These folks live their values, and their values are the finest. I hope to know them forever and a day! Watkinstravel are the BEST guests, so host them–even if you live in a bed-sit. They have perfected the art of travel, and they have more integrity, honesty, respect, generosity, and humor than any folks you will ever meet. North America could not have better goodwill ambassadors, for they embody all that’s good about it and none of the bad. I really cannot find enough fine things to say about this truly amazing family. And they have so much love and respect for one another and themselves that it’s contagious. A day with these folks will change your life for the better, and you will learn more about our planet from them that reading a library of books, and you will understand what the term “family values” really means. And please, if you are lucky enough to host them, please treat them with kindness and respect. I can’t wait for the book, film, and television series of their lives and adventures! As for the passport check, Ammon’s passport tells a tale that will blow you away! I’ve seen tons of passports, but his is unique and deserving of a novel. You really have to see it to believe it! Be well, my friends! And come back to Ireland anytime, for you will always have a place in my home. – Cathleen Ruane (Ireland) member of http://www.Couchsurfing.org
  • Before meeting Savannah, I met her family first. Parents Brandon and Maggie, and brother Ammon visited Vigan, February of 2010. Their epic story of a family traveling together still wows me up to now. It was only in 2011, on my one-month backpacking in Europe did I come face to face with this bubbly lady. Having seen most of the world already, she amazes me when she still gets exhilarated showing me around Holland like she is a “tourist” herself.As of this writing, she is cooking up a memoir of her early years traveling with her family, being transformed from a bratty Canadian teenage girl into a full-blown woman. Do keep an eye out for the release of Sihpromatum, the first series entitled “I Grew my Boobs in China”! -Shawi Cortez (Philippines), http://www.cheaptravelforwomen.blogspot.com

2>world traveling family </h2>

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    • HI BJ,
      No I have unfortunately not yet been to Brazil. One day soon I hope. It was all a very last moment decision to go. We sold everything, saved what money we had and went. We stuck to a very strict budget, staying and eating in local places, local transport and in the end we stayed with local people for free.

    • This is so inspirational. I have such a boring life compared to you! You are lucky for this experience. I will explore your website much more.

  1. I met bre last night on top of a climbing structure in the playground of my elementary school. She was so cool and fun and she told me and my friends all about your adventures and she told me to check out the book and website and all I can say is it seemed like a night out of a movie. It was great and I hope you have some more awesome adventures in the future!
    Sincerely, that kid who thought you were christian and britney

  2. Hey Joseph!!! What a lovely surprise fun comment you made that I love so much!!! You are awesome and I had a complete fun blast that night hanging out with you cool guys!!! Our fun chats were great and I’m so glad you went ahead and checked out the website! I hope you get a book soon and can tell us what you think when you are done!! I love movies so I like having crazy adventure stories to tell!! hahaha!! Climbing the structure, playing baseballand throwing the football around, while listening to music and enjoying the moonlight was amazing! A night to remember for sure! Good luck with your school and more travel trips!!!! Thanks again for the fun post!!! Hugs Bree!

  3. Met Breanna by randomness this past weekend; she was sitting in the sun, on her motorcycle, furiously and thoughtfully writing in a spiral binder. I was sitting with a friend having a beer and I asked her what she was doing. A simple question and observation turned into an awesome encounter and an hour spent taking $1000 game (so cool lol) chatting about life, travel, her family and this site. I can only speak for myself but it was likely one of the best days I have ever had. Not sure why but would guess it’s all about the feelings, vibes and universe brining people into each others lives at the exact time it’s supposed to happen. Can’t wait to read the book(s.) So cool!

  4. You and your family are a great inspiration! It only confirms once again how beautiful individual stories are, no matter how big or small the people, their families, *or* the nature of their stories. I see you’re in Vancouver, too; I hope our paths cross sometime soon. Y’all take care!

    • Thank you so much for your kind message!! Do you live in Vancouver? I’m based in Holland but will be in Van. in Oct-Dec for my book tour. Would be great if you came to one of my signings. Nov. 1st Black Bond Books in Lynn Valley

      • Hi, Savannah. Yes, I’m back in Vancouver for the time being. If you’re in town the next couple of months, please drop me a line via email or social media, and as the date approaches, please remind me of your book signing on the north shore! 🙂

        • Hey!!! Yes, that’d be great to meet up. I have a signing at Black Bond Books in Lynn Valley on the 1st of November. i’m going to be extremely busy while i’m there, so I may have a hard time keeping track

  5. Hi, Savannah – I picked up your book at the West Coast Christmas Show (you signed it – thanks!) and have chosen it for my Book Club to read for February. I am on chapter 13 “Eye to Eye” and can’t put it down! I will be picking up your second book the moment I finish the first one. Nice work!

    • Hi Shelby! Thanks so much for the message. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the book. I really appreciate you picking it for the bookclub! Yay, that’s super. When you’re finished “Grew My Boobs” I hope you can leave a review on Amazon. Oh and don’t forget to follow the story with pics “Book #1 Photos”. Enjoy!

  6. Just finished your second book! Wonderfully written! I’m not much of a traveler, but I enjoy living vicariously through others! Looking forward to book #3!

  7. That is so amazing that you were able to share all of this with your family. I don’t think there are many families out there who do these kind of things. And I hope you’re enjoying the NL!

  8. Thanks for letting me accompany you on your trek up the mountain. I am. 71so I don’t think I’ll be doing it. But your narration made me feel like I was there. God has certainly blessed you. Maybe the moon next?

    • Hi Ray!!! Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so happy to hear how much you enjoyed the trek. Did you get a chance to see the photos while you read? http://sihpromatum.com/book-2-photos/ Yes, haha perhaps the Moon but I’ll have to work up a lot of courage to take that flight 🙂 If you happen to have an amazon.com account I would love if you could leave a review 🙂

  9. You are so incredibly lucky to have a family like this. When I was 14 I would have given anything to start travelling the world instead of being stuck living in Toronto with my family; none of whom have ever been particularly adventurous or interested in travelling! I live in Vancouver now which is definitely much better. I am reading your first book at the moment & really enjoying it. I am old enough to be your grandmother (almost) but my husband & I will always travel. We do it the “camping” way usually; buy a used campervan & go. There are hundreds of places I still want to see.

    • Hi Liz!!! THat is so great to hear that you’re getting your travelling in now. We did a lot of camping as a family when we were younger. I loved that and definitely want to do North America in a camper later on. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the books. People of ALL ages have enjoyed the read, family reads apply to everyone 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment and don’t forget to look at the photos http://sihpromatum.com/photos-for-book-1/ How did you find out about the series??? When you’re ready for book two they are now available at Indigo on Marine Drive. I come to Vancouver every Oct-Dec for a book tour, would be lovely to meet you one day! Happy reading and safe travels!

  10. Hi Savannah
    I am loving your first book. Being a middle-aged mother of 3 who’s travel experiences would quite easily fit onto a postage stamp but who dreams of travelling and adventuring (one day), it is so wonderful to lose oneself in your travel adventures and almost be able to imagine I’m there too. Your families bravery, resilience, strength and sense of adventure is like nothing I have ever come across before. So inspiring and enabling. Reading your book has really inspired me to start thinking about my own future travel aspirations, albeit in a few years once our children are grown and flown the nest. Looking forward to reading book too – and yes, I will definitely be, leaving a five start review on amazon. Here’s raising a glass to your future travels and adventures. Georgina, Nottingham, England

    • Hi Georgina! Thanks so much for this wonderful message. It’s because of encouragement and kind words like these that I have found the courage and dedication to share my stories. To know that I’m inspiring others is one of the best feelings in the world. I know its not too far and wide, but if you’re ever in Holland we’d love to meet you! I’m really looking forward to your review and hope you can post it on amazon.com as well! I appreciate it Georgina. Thank you and hope to hear more from you anytime.

  11. This is such an amazing story—and might I add, would make for a really great feel-good Hallmark / Lifestyle-type movie! (Not that I watch those 😳)

    Just got your first book off of Amazon 😊Congratulations on all the success so far, and good luck with your remaining three in Europe!

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