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Adventure does not always have to be a grand round the world trip, an excursion to the top of mount Everest or a sailing trip across oceans. Some may envy others’ adventurous lifestyles but adventure is truly in the eye of the beholder. A trip to the grocery store or a flat tire on the way to work can be just as much of an adventure with the right mindset. Adventures are meant to be thrilling, nerve-wracking and intense but most of all, fun and exciting.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure” – author unknown. 


I learned a number of major lessons while spending my teenage years as a nomad traveling the world. The lesson that sticks with me most is the incredible importance taking the right attitude along with me in my daily life and being conscious of it.

When I was just fourteen years old my mother uprooted our lives in Vancouver, Canada to backpack around the world, starting in China. Completely unwilling to open my mind to the unlimited span of adventures ahead, I chose to suffer instead of enjoy. In my first book “I Grew My Boobs in China” the reader joins me on my physical and emotional journey as I slowly develop my sense of adventure through a severe change in attitude.

As soon as I was able to laugh at the misadventures, I saw adventure in everything; I met new people who became friends for life, ate foods I never would have, jumped off bridges I never would’ve dared to cross and learned to smile when things flipped on their heads.

Life is a full-time adventure, like a never ending ride down a river with its smooth and bumpy patches. River rafting Uganda’s extreme class 5 rapids, (there is only one grade higher which has a severe likelihood of ending in serious injury or death) is a prime example of the attitude needed to embrace adventure. They will suck you in and spit you right out of their hellish grips. You can come out smiling or crying, you decide! 


If you aren’t prepared to fall out of the raft and climb back up with a smile and laugh, it’s going to be a very uncomfortable, lonely ride being thrashed and drowned in the churning waves.

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Savannah Grace

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