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Luxemburg Photo Essay

Luxembourg has been one of the more underrated European countries I’ve visited. The first time I went was on a day trip turned 4-day road trip with the parents where we ended up going through not just Luxembourg as initially planned but France, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein as well! The second time was on my 5-country, 1-day birthday road trip with mom, Jessica and my sister in law and Anita. I was no less impressed the second time I explored the city of Luxembourg. The views from this city build atop deep gorges brings nature into the city like no other. A relatively unknown, less touristic destination that I highly recommend.


Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Macedonia.

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Savannah Grace

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  1. I love Luxemburg, went there lots when I lived in
    Rum, Germany—my favorite pizza was there plus beautiful hiking

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