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Top 8 HOT Travel Destinations for HEAT Lovers

Looking for a great holiday or adventure destination where you can soak up the heat and get a tan? Here are eight fantastic worldwide destinations that can satisfy your need for relaxation, sports, history and more without having to worry about packing a winter jacket or even a sweater. 

History in Samarkand Uzbekistan 

One of the oldest inhabited cities in Central Asia, this gorgeous stop on the silk road will take your breath away. The blue tile mosaic work, dating back to 1500BC, is truly second to none. If you travel here in the summer months, it will easily reach 85F+ (30C+) so prepare for a toasty, long day of walking to get the most out of this remarkable city.


Angkor Wat ruins in Cambodia

Here the yearly temperature ranges from 79F (26C) to 88F (31C), so you’re bound to feel the heat and sweat dripping between your brows. Angkor Wat is perfect if you love warmth, wild nature and history.

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Kitesurfing in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

With temperatures rarely going below 70F (21C) Cape Verde is a great spot to catch some sun, tackle some water sports and enjoy the warmth. If you’re more of an athlete, this is an ideal spot to try out kitesurfing as an extreme sport. We stayed at the Riu Karamboa where they have a kitesurf shop right on their beach.


Scuba Diving in Ko Tao Thailand 

If you’ve always dreamed of learning to Scuba dive or you’re anxious to dive in again, there is no better place to do it than Ko Tao. You don’t risk getting a chill here with yearly temperatures staying above 77F (25C) in this tropical paradise.


Nightlife in Las Vegas 

Reaching 104F (40C) in the hotter months, you’re definitely going to get your heat fix in Vegas!

If you’re looking for nightlife and city lights, book an all-inclusive to hit the slots, over-the-top shows, all-you-can-eat buffets and pools.


World Wonder Petra, Jordan  

There’s no wonder Petra made it on the new 7 World Wonders list! You can get lost for days in this historic masterpiece but bring lots of water, a hat and sunscreen as it gets hot with very little shade.


Hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

You don’t need to be afraid of getting cold when trekking in Tiger Leaping Gorge in the Yunnan province of China. Views, waterfalls, wild animals, canyons, narrow trails between local guest houses make this a special travel experience.

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Beach Life in The Maldives

A significantly more relaxed destination, pick one of the 100 (out of a whopping 1,200) islands developed specifically for tourists to sip pina coladas, lounge with toes sunk into white sands, snorkel with hundreds of colourful, tropical fish and kayak around the coast at sunset. With a yearly average of 82F (28C) this is a great destination choice for heat lovers.

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Last week we discussed “HOT PLACES” on our live Twitter chat “The Road Less Travelled”, today we’re chatting “COLD PLACES” starting from 1pmNYC/6pmUK today. Search the hashtag #TRLT on Twitter to find us and don’t forget to include the hashtag #TRLT in your tweets to participate with fellow travelers. You can find me each and every week hosting with my fellow travellers Shane Dallas (public speaker, visited 100+ countries), Jessica Lipowski (accomplished author and “foodie”) and Anton Magnin (specialist in family travel). 

Stay tuned for my article on “Top 7 Cold Travel Destinations for Winter Lovers”. Continuing this months’ theme on PLACES, we’ll be discussing “REMOTENESS” on #TRLT Twitter chat next week.

Safe travels and stay warm!

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