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Antigua and Barbuda

I want to start off today’s post with a big HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the amazing women out there.

Today I’m 26 weeks and feel incredibly honoured to be joining the most elite club in the world. I just hope I can live up to the job description and be even half as great as the two women who inspire me the most, mom Maggie McCall Watkins and grandma Mary Anne McCall!

I can’t believe I’m already just days away from 6 months! I’ve gained a fabulous 20lbs thus far and am feeling awesome.

So over the moon to go into this next beautiful adventure with the best man on earth.
As much as I’m loving the constant kicks (he’s been especially active today) I can’t wait to meet our son in less than 100 days, Kees Book!

Barefoot and pregnant. He knows how to keep me happy 🤣🤣🤣😁😁



The final week of our month-long weddingmoon we spent at the Sandals Grande in Antigua and Barbuda. They pampered us and completely spoiled us for normal life in the grand Mediterranean One Bedroom Butler Villa Suite with Private Pool sanctuary! I’ll never be the same again after this over the top, butler treatment, celestial week of spas, beaches, pools, incredible food and drink.

This couples-only Sandals Resort has won countless awards for most romantic getaway and is voted for the world’s leading honeymoon resort. 

They indulge your every desire, reserving pool chairs, reservations for dinner, recommendations for lunch, creation for tours, free diving and fulfilling all of your culinary fantasies.

Food and drink at 11 restaurants, pool bars, scuba diving, water activities are all-inclusive. I adored the spicy chicken at the Barefoot Restaurant on the sandy beach. We chose Sushi at the Soy repeatedly for our nightly meal often dining later in the evening at another of their fabulous restaurants. Unlimited scuba diving with equipment makes this a worthwhile vacation experience if you’re a diver. They have a ship wreck dive spot which is unique.

Long stretches of white beach make for perfect hand-holding and morning strolls and sunset sitting. The hotel employees are very adept at keeping trinket sellers and beach hawkers at bay, so you won’t be bothered. 

My favourite cocktails were the Miama Vice, Pina Colada and Reggae Top. I kept one in my hand pretty much all the time! It was pizza from the wood fire oven at Bella Napoli that was our go-to for every lunch. Of course, Kees ate a whole one and I got my own pepperoni.

It was a rare treat to cannon ball into our own private pool, soak in our hot tub amid floating flowers and snuggle up in our cozy robes on our private lanai. They gave us a cellphone that connected us directly to three butlers at any time, who were available to serve us.


We raced on a jetski to a nearby island which was engulfed in giant pelicans, fed squid to the wild stingrays at Stingray City and caught wahoo, bright green mahi mahi, tuna and toothy barracuda while Deep Sea Fishing.

This was the final week of our getaway and it was the best. Our first stay at Sandals definitely justifies a return to another of their paradise locations.


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