Savannah Grace

A Visit From PRINCE HARRY in Nevis

I don’t know if you tend to be more like me and think there’s something to believing in signs, or maybe you’re more like my husband, Kees, who thinks that’s a bunch of baloney, but I definitely consider it an omen of good luck to spot royalty on a honeymoon! Our wedding night was spent in the same room Oprah Winfrey lounged in at Ladera Resort and then we changed locations and the PRINCE OF ENGLAND, Prince Harry made an appearance at the Nevis Four Seasons where we were guests, as well. They say RAIN on your wedding day means decades of marital bliss so, it goes that hanging with royalty surely that’s the icing on the cupcake.  

I  had heard multiple whisperes about an impending royal visit. By keeping my ear to the wall and buddying up with staff, I was able to position myself in the exact spot that Prince Harry would be arriving in.There were only a dozen other’s (mainly staff) and me buzzing in anticipation, and we only had to wait a half an hour or so for the handsome prince to arrive. For the staff it was all about Prince Harry arriving but for me it was being part of the whole buzz, excitement and thrill that the staff and other guests felt about his visit. Several paced, everyone stared at the door, others held their breath, holding up their cameras in anticipation until their the manager’s arms began to shake. It was a thrill to be part of their thrill.

He arrived with  his entire entourage, of course, and passed just feet from where I was sitting. Going completely against everything I have ever learned about manners, and letting others have their space, I followed him just like paparazzi and snapped photos as he strode by. He was escorted to a closed-off area behind a waist-high hedge over which we had full view as he was greeted and shook hands with important business and political people of Nevis. At this point a crowd had formed. A lady nudged Kees’ elbow and whispered,

“What’s going on? Is it a wedding?”

“It’s a real-live prince. Someone kissed a frog and there he was!” Kees jumped in.

“It’s Prince Harry,” I tried to clarify for her.

“So really? Who is it?” she laughed, looking slightly confused at the same time amused. 

Shaking my head at Kees’ non-stop jokes, I explained, “No. Really. It IS the prince of England.”

“Prince Harry?!?”


She looked from me to Kees and back to me again. “Whoa! That IS a big deal!” She  turned on her heels and disappeared. Undoubtedly to get her camera and all her friends.

Of course security began pushing us back and clearing the path. It was surprising because you have to figure he’s staying at least an hour. But less than ten minutes after he’d arrived, Harry and his entire entourage said their hellos, said their goodbyes, waved, headed back through the lobby, loaded into their cars and were gone! For me, an absolutely unforgettable experience. Add it to the list.


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