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Canada Wedding Reception and a Big Surprise

Our spectacular Caribbean elopement followed by honeymoon in Saint Lucia, Antigua, Saint Kitts and Nevis (posts coming soon!) wouldn’t be complete without a full blown celebration and blessings from family and friends at home in Vancouver, Canada.

My darling Dutch husband was agreeable and granted me this wish. In less than 30 days I planned, invited and organized the reception. I couldn’t have succeeded without assistance from Anita (sister-in-law), and my mother Maggie, who were helping each step of the way. My wonderful helpers Melanee (#1 fan who works at a Black Bond Books), Sandra (from my first book, “I Grew My Boobs in China”), Amanda (cousin), Terri (best friend), Jessica (fellow author, friend and Dutch expat), Nicole (book fan we met at a Vancouver signing) and my world travelled, world-class grandma, Mary Anne.

Terri, who appears in the Sihpromatum Series, offered us her stunning home and mansion overlooking the city of Vancouver and the ocean for our reception. It made for unforgettable setting for our party.

We brought a Dutch theme from The Netherlands and scattered blue and white delft decor, tulips, clogs and a huge round of yellow Dutch gouda cheese.

The star of the show was our unique WEDDING CAKE hand crafted by “Spiritual Ingredients” of Whiterock in the shape of a Dutch ceramic vase filled with a bunch of real white hydrangeas. It was the surprise of a lifetime. I couldn’t have asked for a more unique representation, a cake that represented our out of the box Dutch relationship. I should have filmed our guests’ reactions as they saw it, because guests kept arriving and exclaiming, “Where’s the cake? Where’s the cake?” When it was discovered as a vase they gasped and laughed out loud. As we cut into the chocolate centre looked like dirt, adding to the disguise. 

We had a double surprise for family and friends when we announce that we were expecting and it is a BOY! 

The happiness in our family continues to grow with the announcement that my brother Ammon (also in my book series) proposed to his longterm girlfriend Sasha, when they were recently in Palau on a 4 week trip in Asia. Delighted, she said YES!

Post wedding, I sympathize with her having to start wedding and reception planning like I had just gone through.


PS – Today we are 20 weeks pregnant. HALWAY! Oh boy. I am feeling absolutely fantastic, feeling the tiny little kicks and turns, and just had our ultrasound which reconfirmed we are having a boy and that he is completely in tact and healthy. I couldn’t ask for anything more in this world!!


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  1. What a beautiful video, so romantic. Congratulations again, on both the wedding and Baby! Alison

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