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Gabon Photo Essay

Gabon was an amazing experience and has so many intense and incredible memories, some of the best material I simply MUST keep top secret for the book series!

I loved visiting countries I’d never heard of before because it’s like a a piece of the world map lights up and suddenly I have visual memories. I will never forget driving through the humid, pitch-black rainforest and watching a vivid, cracking thunderstorm above us. I should’ve known in that moment that Gabon would be a country full of wild adventures.

Vibrant sunsets over the vast ocean, flat tires, rebuilding broken bridges, camping in the middle of the rainforest and OUTSTANDING camping with mountain views below us!

Sometimes I forget how stunning places are which is why I’m always so happy when I can go back and refresh my memory with photos. WOW!

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is GAMBIA.

View more photos of Gabon  here.

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Savannah Grace

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