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Estonia Photo Essay

Mom and I visited Estonia on our amazing 10-Country, 10-Capital City Road Trip we did earlier this summer! We absolutely loved exploring Scandinavia and The Baltic States, especially Estonia. We travelled from Helsinki to Tallinn with Tallink-Silja Cruise Line which was a lovely experience and way to set foot in a new country.

Tallinn was a magical city that felt like I’d stepped into a real-life Disney movie. We stayed right in the centre of town in a perfectly authentic, crooked hotel that was more than ready to collapse. Every step of cobblestone street and corner we turned was filled with magic.

Dwarf sized doorways with doors so intricately carved and decorated, I could spend all day just photographing them but then I’d miss the million other things that made this city so special.

We climbed the 800 year old steps of a church tower for an unforgettable view of the city. I’ll never be able to fully comprehend the history beneath my feet and it ALWAYS leaves me with a somewhat frustrated and uneasy feeling. My mind simple can not grasp it all. I mean, where do you even begin to imagine where it all started, just with that church alone… the number of feet that passed there before me. The life stories of the people who built it with their hands in the 1200’s! I’ll never know, but I like to get as close as I can, and chose to take off my flips flops and walk the cold, smooth steps barefoot.

After a mesmerizing couple of days in Tallinn, Mom and I continued south through the country to reach Latvia. If you’re looking to explore more than Western Europe, I highly recommend a stop anywhere in Estonia, or any of The Baltic States!

map of Estonia

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