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Chad Photo Essay

Another Central African country I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting. This Photo Essay I post vicariously through my amazing brother, Ammon who had the opportunity to travel to Chad a few years ago. Here are his words about his experience. Enjoy his CHAD photo essay!

“Well, Chad was a unique experience because I went there for a month at the request of a friend to help him with a start-up NGO project that he was working on so it was quite different from the typical travelling around the country. i had the opportunity to be based in a missionary compound in the capital, meet with various NGO groups like the World Health Organization and even visit the relatively restricted town of Abeche in the east.

Chad is very poor and undeveloped and overlooked by most aid organizations as well and had only recently begun paving the roads in the capital itself. We were met at times with rampant corruption, and a suspicious and even hostile local populace. Taking photos outside the compound was difficult so we didn’t take them, and even shopping at the market could be awkward.

We met many genuinely caring people too and we were able to see remote desert scenery and even long forgotten ruins so remote that few villagers knew of their existence.” -Ammon Watkins











Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is DENMARK.

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