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Since we were already in the perfect location, after a fun filled #TRLT tweet meet at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver, Bree, Kees, Nicole and I continued to enjoy our day downtown. Nicole is a fourteen year old student who I met in 2014 at a book signing in Lynn Valley. Ever since, we have kept in touch via Facebook and she is a huge fan of my book series. Despite having only met once in person, I feel like I’ve known Nicole my entire life. She is such a lovely girl and it’s people/situations like this that make being an author so rewarding.

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Our first stop was downstairs at the Starbucks in The Hyatt Regency to meet a couple of fans, Holly and Dale, for a private book signing. Dale (who apparently doesn’t like reading!) was the one who introduced Holly to my travel series so Holly begged me to let Dale come to this special get together too. Of course she was welcome! We sat for about an hour with them enjoying their travel stories. Holly’s next adventure will be to the South Pole (her second trip to Antarctica) and her itinerary blew all of us away!

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From there we walked down to Canada Place to experience the 4D “Fly Over Canada” ride! If it hadn’t been for strong word of mouth recommendations, I probably never would’ve made the time for this short experience. All I can say is thank GOSH for Twitter and word of mouth because this is something I would never have wanted to miss.

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Everyone I have spoken to about the “Fly Over Canada” ride, has been more than once. In fact, this was Nicole’s third time and she says she would even go again. It’s something you have to experience for yourself to understand how simply incredible it is. You are sitting in a Batman-style rollercoaster seat with your legs hanging freely. The ride tilts back and forth and side to side as you “fly” from east to west over Canada. There are smells, splashes of water and wind to make you feel like you are literally flying over Canada’s nature. I was actually screaming, “Bree, why is this so fun!?!?! Oh my gosh, we’re going so fast!” “They just made the wind stronger! We’re not even moving!” It’s the craziest thing. If you’re living in Vancouver or visiting, please do yourself this favour and go to “Fly Over Canada”. You won’t be disappointed. 


Smiles plastered on our faces, we headed straight to Harbour Centre after a nice stroll downtown. Top of Vancouver Revolving Restaurant was a first for Nicole, Kees and I and we weren’t disappointed. Only days earlier we’d been to Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant, but we couldn’t get enough of the Vancouvers views. It was a real highlight to see the ocean and mountain views in daylight, and watch as the sun set and all the lights started to sparkle in the city at night.

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I’ve read some mixed reviews about both revolving restaurants regarding food and prices. Overall I feel the prices aren’t outrageously high, especially considering the location and though the food is not mind blowing, it’s definitely decent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend going at least once! I liked the view at the Cloud 9 better because you get to see more of the ocean (especially good for sunset) yet I preferred Top of Vancouver’s menu and the overall restaurant and experience. I can personally recommend both! 

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We rushed home with full bellies to send the boys off for a couple hours of night skiing on Seymour Mountain which is just a 20 minute drive to the top. I was really happy Kees was able to experience that, as the city view at night from the top of the mountain is one of the highlights of a ski trip to Vancouver. 


Meanwhile, we three girls jumped on Bree’s bed (the parent’s famous bed that has been in our family for 35 years and sports every scratch and dent from our childhoods!) and watched THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!! AKA “Ever After” with Drew Barrymore. Bree and I are absolutely obsessed with that movie. Just to give an idea, this was the fourth time Bree and I watched it THIS year already! It goes without saying, we can quote every line in the movie. Another perfect ending to a perfect day!

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PS. Bree had picked Nicole up that morning at 8am and we didn’t return her until 10pm on a school night. I know I shouldn’t encourage this kind of behaviour but I really admire Nicole’s mom for letting her skip a day of school to spend this unforgettable day with us. As a side note, Nicole messaged me a couple days later to excitedly tell us, “Just got my report card…. I got an 89.9 average!” Got to love that girl. I’m so proud of her!!

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  1. and then I watched Ever After 2 more times RIGHT after that!! Once alone and once with a great friend Mira for her first time ever!!!! lol Such an awesome life we are living!!

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