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Just Ask Baagii a Question

  After successfully capturing our Mongolian friend Baagii, who is featured in “I Grew My Boobs in China”, we promptly got ourselves lost on the way home. We have been to Schiphol, Amsterdam dozens and dozens of times, either picking up friends or departing on various trips of our own, but SOMEHOW we got lost. Hhaha, I guess talking and catching up on nearly ten years can take your concentration from the road.
Unfortunately “getting lost” here is never life threatening and in a worst (or is it best?!) case scenario will take you south to Belgium or east into Germany, and as fun as that would be, it’s nothing like the Mongolian definition of lost.
Sometimes I think about the cartoon The Incredibles, and how the retired super heroes sit behind their desks and blend in with society. Much like them, I feel like I’ve hung up my super suit, unable to define the days as they are lost in a mesh of daily routine. I’m craving to get out of this shell, throw caution to the wind and “LIVE” again.
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It’s absolutely thrilling to have a character from my books come visit us in such an unexpected place. It makes me wonder who and where I will be seeing some unexpected friend in ten years from now.

Baagii is way too much fun and such a good sport. On day one he was busy helping us in the yard, chopping and sawing all the dead trees for our winter stash.

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Unfortunately this is probably the worst time of year to visit Holland, but Baagii doesn’t let anything stop us. Coming from a country that has the most drastic yearly temperature range of -40 to +40 and positively crazy people, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he would insist on cycling in the rain. I guess I’ve become weak in my settled life.
We cycled over wooden bridges and past local windmills, ate local Dutch food (kroket and stroopwafel), stopped at a small bar and played darts. We gambled on the slot machines and instantly turned our 2 euro into 16 then promptly lost it. Yesterday Baagii went down to Utrecht to visit and stay with friends. Tomorrow we are planning to go down to Amsterdam before he leaves on Friday.
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We’ve been having SUCH a great time reminiscing on Mongolian adventures with Baagii. It sure does make me miss Ammon, Bree and Future. One of these days we’ll need to do a big reunion.


I laughed so much at HIS side of Future’s story and how/why he was actually chosen to be our “guide” to the Gobi Desert that I’m planning to have an written interview with Baagii. So if you have any behind the scenes questions you’d like to have answered, NOW is your chance.
Please ask questions in the comments below and I will post the interview as soon as I can.

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