I am feeling blessed

I am feeling so blessed!!! Nearly ten years ago I was on my way to China, my life was about to change forever. Throughout the years I dreamed of sharing my tale with others and letting them wear my shoes (or rather worn flip-flops). I grew so much physically, emotionally and learned so much about the world and its people. I’m currently at the beta reading stage of my SECOND book….and what one of the beta readers said just blew me away somehow.
“As a note, I can’t believe a couple times you were made to stay put and not go out with our Mom and Ammon 😮 What did you miss??? I missed that too LOL.
Thinking back on that girl, I never, in my wildest dreams, could have imagined that on those miserable days when I was lonely, sad, crying and feeling like the most lost teenage girl in the world, stuck in a cramped 1$/night room somewhere in Asia, that thousands of people would be sitting there with me. My readers feel my pain and my excitement and even though I didn’t know it then, I am SOOO grateful and feel blessed beyond words that they were/are with me.
                     In our “hotel” room in Mali, West Africa on the way to Timbuktu…. Mom and me….
She didn’t leave me behind on that day 😀 I must’ve eaten all my vegetables like a good little girl. Notice the journal next to me and the notepad in my hand!! I absolutely love the idea that I can look at this photo and go back and be INSIDE my head at that exact moment through my own written words. If there is one thing I can recommend to kids (and adults) it’s to KEEP A JOURNAL!

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  1. You are so right about journaling. Life goes by so fast there is no way to remember what happens and I’ve found journaling helps in remembering. Also, when you are experiencing so many new things you feel like so much time has passed when it may only be a few days.

    I don’t think I have enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed reading “I grew my boobs in china”. I can’t want until your next one comes out. When I got to the end of your book I found myself crying. Just being so transparent with your life was so refreshing to me.

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