Ruins Around the World

The remnants of our ancestors are speckled across the planet, waiting to be admired. Some are still eagerly waiting to be discovered and have their hidden messages unravelled. Their crumbling walls leave traces of history and tell stories that reflect our own lives today. Take a journey through […]

ARMENIA Photo Essay

Although we only spent a total of 5 days in Armenia it was enough to prove, yet again, that just because a country is less famous, doesn’t mean a thing about its touristic value. As a family we backpacked across the Caspian Sea from Turkmenistan to the Caucuses. […]

A Day With Anne Frank

    Last year I read Anne Frank’s Diary, for the first time, thanks to Jess who lent me the copy she’s had since high school.   It took me longer than I expected to finally make it to Amsterdam to see THE authentic Secret Annexe where Anne […]