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Travel is amazing for an unlimited number of reasons; history, ideal weather conditions, putting your feet up and relaxing in exotic locations, taking on new adventures, a platform to build lifelong memories, experiencing culture diversity and thinking outside the box…but without the friendly faces of others smiling back at you, travel wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable nor would it have the same loving impact. Faces of joy, happiness, laughter and curiosity have greeted me in 111 countries so far. Old friends, new friends, family members and strangers have all walked the bumpy, dirt roads with me, sat beside me on torturously long bus and train rides, lighting my path with their happy, friendly faces.

Please enjoy this photo essay on FRIENDLY FACES! Remember to always wear your smile.


And as a bonus, you can check out our “Children of the World” slide show.

Every Tuesday at 1pmNYC/6pmUK we chat about a new travel topic with fellow travellers. Last week’s topic was FRIENDLY FACES. Search the hashtag #TRLT on Twitter to find us and don’t forget to include the hashtag #TRLT in your tweets to participate with fellow travellers! You can find me each and every week hosting with fellow founder and friend Shane Dallas (public speaker, visited 100+ countries, currently living in Kenya) and amazing travel host, and good friend, Jessica Lipowski (accomplished author and “foodie” in USA) and host Anton Magnin (specialist in family travel in South Africa). 

Safe Travels Everyone and keep spreading those friendly smiles!

Savannah Grace

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