Savannah Grace

Obsession Fishing

Obsession is the name of this dynamic fishing excursion company. This was our second deep sea fishing experience and the first one where we actually caught fish! WOW! I’m completely head over heels in love with deep sea fishing. It was so thrilling to have my first fish on the line that my arms were shaking and I was laughing. 

We had the boat all to ourselves so we had 100% attention from “Archie”, our caption, who is a multi-time World Record holder! An absolute gem of a guy who is a real treat to talk to, who’s rowed across the Atlantic in a four-person kayak. Even if we hadn’t caught anything, the trip was rich with Archie’s stories and well worthwhile. 

The boatman who took charge of our fishing, wore a giant Rasta hat and entertained us with stories about his children, pointing out interesting Antigua shoreline, navigation techniques and the art of fishing, while we fished. Both Archie and our fisherman, were highly skilled boatmen, fishing on the ocean for decades. They are a first-class company team and insisted we stay out extra time to catch “just one more fish” and breathe in one more rainbow sherbet Caribbean sunset just for us.

In the end, our fishing toll was two menacingly toothy barracuda, two neon green mahi mahi, one small tuna and the longest, a blue-finned, lead weight wahoo!

I never thought I would be hooked on this sport but now I understand why it becomes a fishing OBSESSION!

Many thanks to Obsession Fishing for this one of a kind day. We will definitely return when we are in Antigua again. I’m labelling this our best experience in Antigua.

 Savannah Grace

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