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Natural Diversity of Peru

Last week on Twitter we delved into DIVERSITY on “The Road Less Travelled” (#TRLT).

Because Peru is so diverse and multi ethnic, combining multiple heritages, they consider they are citizens of a national group rather than part of a heritage. The cuisine, the fashion, the historical one-of-a-kind gems, anywhere where you look, no matter what type of lifestyle, Peru has what you’re looking for. Today I want to explore Peru’s smorgasbord of diverse natural hidden treasures, as that is what impressed me the most about this spectacular South American country.

THE JUNGLE of the tangled Amazon

I’m in a canoe. I’m gripping the side of the boat. The water is muddy brown and infested with nibbling piranhas, sleuthing caimans and wily anacondas passing beneath my canoe. I hear the piercing screeching of colorful macaw overhead and I’m deep in the Amazon Rainforest. I overnighted in one of the few isolated lodges surrounded by dripping green rainforest, miles from any form of civilization. My room at the 5-star Rainforest Expeditions has only three walls and the rainforest is my bedmate. Even in my imagination this didn’t come to life until I arrived. Top ten on my list of world experiences.

THE WATER of The Poor Man’s Galapagos AKA Ballestas Islands

Not only does Peru boast llamas, guinea pigs, alpaca, anacondas, caiman, tapir and capybara, it is home to many of those that inhabit the famous Galapagos Islands. On the bizarre rock formations standing in the Pacific Ocean 20km from the shores of Paracas city, sea lions, bright red crabs, pelicans and penguins mix and mingle; sitting, crawling, waddling, these sunbathers stretch out atop vibrant red rocks in the National Reserve on the Ballestas Islands. White foam gathers around the sharp and jagged rocks, floating up and down with the rising and lowering current. Royal blue waves split and meet around individual rock formed islands, making this a unique Peruvian gem. The only way to reach “The Poor Man’s Galapagos” is by boat. Don’t miss it.

THE MOUNTAINS around Machu Picchu – Montana

It’s hard to compete with Peru, home to the magnificent World Wonder Machu Picchu, meaning “Old Mountain”. You can hike up to the more popular 1.5 hour trail of Huayna Picchu, 8,835 feet (2,693 metres)  above sea level. We decided to indulged ourselves by taking the four-hour hike to Machu Picchu Mountain (Montaña), and our reward was standing breathlessly at 10,043 feet (3,061 metres) above sea level at the precipices of a rock ledge suspended over a thousand feet above “the lost city of the Incas.”  We reached the top of Inca heaven by crawling on all fours up stairs so steep you had to trust in a higher power to proceed. 

We gazed into the immense, natural mountainous bowl which cradled Machu Picchu in its loving palms. Again, Peru made my top ten list, making it the ONLY country out of 111 I’ve visited where there are TWO experiences in the same country that made my list.

THE SAND of the amazing Huacachina

Once you’ve bonded with the living, green mountains of Machu Picchu, it feels natural to dive into the mountains of sand in Huacachina. From this small village oasis that is located at the heart of these sand dunes you can go on sand boarding excursions in souped-up sand buggies. I gained a new meaning for the world thrill on this exhilarating ride. My throat was sore from screaming and I guarantee yours will be, too.

The Air Nazca Lines Search

We strap into a four-seater airplane, pressed our noses to the window and peered down in search of the 2,000-2,500 year old Nazca Lines. These ancient scribblings are best viewed from the air, as the largest one is a whopping 1,200 ft (370metres) long! You’ll be in awe with fellow travellers, gazing down at them in complete wonder, as the pilot talks to you through your headset. The pilot had to shout over the thrum of the engine and my belly floated with excitement. He banked the plane steeply to one side as he circled around each Nazca drawing. Honestly, the ride in the plane ride was as stimulating and memorable as the lines themselves.

There really is no limit to the natural diversity when it comes to Peru. If you love adventure, exploring and especially nature, make sure Peru is on your next travel plan!

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