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India Photo Essay

India is a whirl of magic and chaos. Aromas, delicious and putrid hit you like a brick in the face. Colours bright, bold and glittering wash over you in a wave as you walk the streets. Traffic is an ever-changing, waving sea around you. Tuktuks, pedestrians, rickety bicycles, lazing cows, yellow taxi cabs, overloaded buses, motorcycles and stray dogs weave in and out amongst each other. Spicy, sweet, salty and tangy flavours are in constant competition on your tongue as you indulge in 5-star street food.

I am currently working on the third volume in the Sihpromatum Series, “Rusty Tracks and Booby Traps” and honestly am having the hardest time capturing our five months there because India is such an intense, fantastic, unique, busy place, there’s no way to capture it in words, place! Enjoy this photo essay, it will give you a slight taste of what INDIA has to offer!

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Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Indonesia

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