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Iceland Photo Essay

This is a destination I am excited to see some day. Thanks to Ammon, the only one in the family that has managed to reach this beautiful country, for all the great photos.

This is what Ammon has to say about it.

“Iceland is a very rewarding destination. Right from the exit of the airport you are treated to otherworldly landscapes and adventure. Iceland is ideally explored by private vehicle. Even a short ride along the south coast or through the “Golden Loop” gives you access to beautiful geysers, hot spring baths, waterfalls and small villages. I can’t wait to return to explore further afield.”

Screenshot (18)

Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is India.

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Savannah Grace

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  1. dear Savannah Grace, Iceland, wow, whenever I come across Iceland now, I think, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where I was born, island nation comprising 32 islands directly south of st. lucia, you can see it ever so clearly on a good day from vieux fort in the south of st. lucia……..but Iceland has the same black-sand beaches as we do in st. vincent and the grenadines…………awesome…….it is very, very, fine snd, it glistens in the sun like it is full of tiny diamond chips, very hot on the soles of the feet of course…….but rather unique. Drop me a line, let me know how you are doing and when you plan to return to this fair isle, the helen of the West. Love and laughter to you both,Roz

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