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Cyprus Photo Essay

Cyprus is one of the last three European countries I have yet to visit. Ammon visited North Cyprus a few years back and of course his stories and photos inspire me to one day see this European island country!

Ammon says: “It has a lack of development because it isn’t really recognized by anyone and Cyprus can’t do anything to it either so it has a more traditional (but Turkish) feel to it. The most interesting thing was seeing old crusader forts and cathedrals that had been converted into mosques. It was very, very laid-back and friendly. I hitchhiked everywhere including out of the airport at midnight. haha It’s just a forgotten corner of the world where walls still exist but isn’t dangerous and was worth a quick visit.”



Nicosia, or Lefkoşa (called so by local Turkish Cypriot population), is the capital city Northern Cyprus.


Streets of the capital city, Nicosia

children of Cyprus

Fun little children or Northern Cyprus


A very cozy cafe in the square.



The Wall dividing Cyprus.

The Wall dividing Cyprus.




Ataturk in Gazimagusta, North Cyprus

Ataturk in Gazimagusta, North Cyprus



Ruins in Famagusta

Ruins in Famagusta

famagusta on the east coast of cyprus

Famagusta on the east coast of Cyprus

Salami, Famagusta

Salamis was an ancient Roman City dating back to 1100 BC. it is found now in Famagusta


Ammon enjoying the view. Kantara

Kyrenia Mountain range.

Kyrenia Mountain range.

Kantara Castle

Kantara Castle was built in the 10th century.

DSCN7423 (2)

What a beautiful outlook from the Kantara Castle.


Stay tuned for more #FridayFotos. Next week is Czech Republic.

View more photos of Cyprus here.

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  1. Thank you for the piece on Cyprus – there is no such place as the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ as it is recognized only by Turkey who invaded and divided the island in 1974. It is still occupied today 42 years later and so are hundreds of missing people including women and children.


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