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To mix things up a little, we took one of our skiing mornings off to go Ziplining with Ziptrek Eco Tours. Wow! What an adventure. I have ziplined on five continents through the palm trees in Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, under a giant bridge to reach the previous highest bungee jump in the world in South Africa, Africa, over the Colca Canyon River in Peru, South America, across Dutch fields in Holland, Europe and off the Great Wall of China in China, Asia.

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Not only was Ziplining in Whistler a first, it was a first ever ziplining in the snow from tree top to tree top.

IMG_3743 IMG_3745

We took the Ziptrek Eagle Tour which consists of five ziplines and some of the longest I’ve ever been on. The first one is a double line, so you can scream all the way down from the trees alongside a friend or lover. 


I’ve been on ziplines where the wearing of a helmet is necessary because you ACTUALLY scrape your head on the line above – not comforting. With Ziptrek you are hanging so far below the wire that there is no stress at all about scraping your face off on the wire and no need to think about braking, they do it all for you. 

IMG_3776 IMG_3780 IMG_3783 IMG_3784 IMG_5096

Having to trek through the snow made it even more of an adventure and a great chance to get in the heart of Canada’s wilderness.

IMG_3730 IMG_3736IMG_3731

This was also my first zipline experience where we were able to freely spin and even flip UPSIDE DOWN! I absolutely LOVED that part. Was so, so, so much fun.

IMG_5110 IMG_5116

We zipped from Whistler across to Blackcomb, ending up high in the trees on platforms that were connected by wooden suspension bridges. It was like a childhood fantasy come true.

IMG_3746 IMG_3757IMG_3748

I loved every second of this 3 hour journey and would not hesitate to go again. Perhaps next time I will get to try it in the summer!

Ps Credit goes to Ziptrek Photographer for the upside-down shots!!!


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