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Book Updates and a Treat

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick update with book progress. For the past 6 weeks I’ve been busy writing Vol 3 in the Sihpromatum series. My 6 week trip to South America was unforgettable but was a huge distraction from my writing. After quite a lot of time was spent building up courage to face the dreaded writer’s block, I’m finally back at it! Reliving all of those unique, uncomfortable and fun(ny) times of traveling with family and friends has been a privilege. I can confidently say that the first 6 chapters are in a “ready for editing” stage. Though I still have a long way to go to finalize all 40-50 chapters in this book, it is a GREAT and encouraging feeling to have the beginning chapters in this stage.

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My life (when it goes my way!) consists of a lot of coffee, and sitting behind my computer, day after day after day! Dad has been a great help when the chapters are in their more finalized stages, and Mom takes great care of me…painting my toenails while I work! Does that count as multitasking?! If that’s not showing the love, I don’t know what is.


Thanks to Bree’s incredible lifestyle change and becoming a stunt woman this year, she has encouraged us to start living a more active, healthy lifestyle. This includes daily stretching, meditation, more biking, hula hooping and work outs. Even the bird gets to come along and she loves stretching with us.

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These shots are Bree’s influence. As a side note, Holland is beautiful in the fall and I’m so grateful I live in a climate where I get to enjoy the contrasting beauty of every season!


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In the meantime, I thought I’d let you know that my book is part of a BOX SET , which is currently just 99CENTS! I am telling you, this is a fantastic deal. You get 5 ebooks for just 99CENTS! If you’ve read and loved “I Grew My Boobs in China” than these other books are right up your alley. Try them out! You may fall in love with their series too.


A couple years ago Alan Parks or Victoria Twead from the “We Love Memoirs” Facebook group, suggested that author Joe Crawley, Tony James Slater and I all come together to make this great box set.

These five, full length, bestselling travel memoirs describe experiences as wide as breeding alpacas in Spain, helping at an animal refuge in Ecuador and back-packing in the Gobi Desert. And for foodies, there are some Spanish r
ecipes to try. This box set is guaranteed to keep you engrossed and laughing, so sit back, put your feet up, read on, and enjoy!

While you enjoy some more great, life changing travel stories I’ll be reliving Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and The Maldives!

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Finding this old Indian love letter from the Kolkata hotel manager glued in Bree’s journal was an extra special treat while working on Volume 3!! While travelling the world as a teenager, you would be surprised how many marriage proposals we received! I’m ever so grateful to both Ammon and Mom who, despite all of the camels and bags of cash offered, never sold us off to strangers! “Breanna, it’s pleasure to write something about cute girl like you. When I first saw you in our Hotel Paragon Lodge, I have feeling quite nice. After a while when I saw your painting it added more beauty as you have quality in yourself. I believe you understand my feeling about you. I am not married and after looking you it hard for me remain same. I am looking forward to you. I hope you don’t frustrated me. When your personal email is ready for work you please give it to me by the envelope I give to you. You are excellent in English. My English is not so good. So I request you to compromise these little things. I hope so. A man always hopeful. Without hope a man cannot live in the world. I am newly appointed manager here in Hotel Paragon so I have not big leisure time. In spite of my business I try my best to write this letter very short time. Your family man are also very good. Yesterday I talked with your elder brother, it’s quite nice. He told me about your father and family. Every person. So Breanna, it is up to you. What do you think about me? You trust me? I can assure you I look after your every little-big things will come in your life. PS Your red rose drawing I kept not only in my file it also in my heart. Once more I give thanks to you for this. Hope you have little time to talk with me or give answers to my loving letter. Wish you have a great Xmas and Happy New Year.”

Happy Reading!!!



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