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Happy Birthday Mom

I want to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the wildest mom on earth.
 Maggie-the-Mom bungee jump South Africa Maggie-the-Mom skydive, Abbotsford BC, Canada Maggie-the-Mom, scuba dive , Thailand
I’m constantly told how inspiring my mom is and how lucky I am to have her.
Maggie-the-Mom camel,  Thar Desert, India Maggie-the-Mom Ostrich ride, South Africa Maggie-the-Mom, swim with elephant, India
What I find most inspiring is how people always seem to imply that once you start a family and have kids your life is “over” but she has completely myth busted that theory. She has been a mom MOST of her life, starting at the young age of 19 and yet has lived one of the most exciting lives around.
Maggie-the-Mom drink tea Pakistan Maggie-the-Mom  Maggie-the-Mom Golden Temple, India
Kids have not stopped her from see 110 countries, camping trips, becoming a bus driver, running a business, skydiving, bungy jumping, getting Advanced PADI certified, touching the ancient Pyramids of Giza or riding with an armed escort over the Khyber Pass from Pakistan into Afghanistan. She has accomplished so much in her 56 years and still looks like a babe! May she go forward with another eventful 56 years with her positive outlook on life.
Maggie-the-Mom selling hats, China Maggie-the-Mom, ski in France Maggie-the-Mom, smell the flowers Malaysia
I can only hope that I’ll be even HALF as awesome as she has been when I’m a mom. I’m pretty dang happy that she chose to have all these amazing life adventures WITH me instead of before me! Thank you Mom for sharing your life with me and those other crazies I call siblings. I love you!
Maggie-the-Mom's 4 kids, Savannah Grace

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  1. Happy Birthday Maggie! Such a beautiful sentiment from your daughter. Amazing the gifts of life and adventure that you have given your children. It is wonderful to see how they are all so appreciative of their experiences and family time. You have inspired me enormously. Wishing you so much happiness in the years ahead. xo

    • Kelly!! So happy to hear from you. It feels like forever. She is a real gem in our lives. We are so happy you came into our lives and so love your girls. You are an inspiration with your 3 daughters and I will never forget the toothpaste story 🙂 🙂 That is a true MOM! Sometimes you have to do crazy things to get your point across. Love that. XO

  2. Happy Birthday, Maggie, you are a true inspiration and gift in life,,, don’t stop and keep being a kid at heart.. Your whole family is an inspiration , just a chip off the ole block , right ! Keep making everyday a birthday

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